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May 26, 2022
May 26, 2022

Words Lead User Experience

Words Lead User Experience
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Words are the quintessence of experience design. Copies that emerge from the process of UX Writing are useful design elements. These design elements help the users interact, communicate and understand the product. Words bring clarity and make products more accessible. Words are how people make sense of the product they use. In the end, one could say that UX writing was invented for the sake of experience design.

Shape-shifted by the pandemic, as more and more people move online for most of their daily needs. As people lean on all that is digital, the power of words drives this transformation towards a new and better user experience. People understand better, tasks get done faster, and they stay for that experience and come back for more. Isn’t that exactly the purpose of a good UX?

More broadly, the process of UX writing provides a strategic map of the emerging emotions and UX shifts that will determine the upcoming years of UX design, equipping businesses with the right features to adapt, innovate, thrive, and resonate.

Briefing down the action points to 6 small points to inspire the process of UX writing —

  1. Use UX writing as one of the most important parts of the user experience design process.
  2. Implement the process of UX writing for a good experience - this in return will instigate feelings of comfort, calm, and security through the right words, tone, and voice.
  3. Think long-term with UX writing — with the help of research, analysis, and synthesis take into consideration the legacy of the product and focus on leaving behind positive impacts for people and the planet.
  4. Drive micro-goals for and through UX Writing — distinguish micro-goals, to live up to your product’s commitments. This helps to reach the goal consistently and establish the trust you need between your product and people.
  5. Co-creation — Create a “co-creation” environment between UX writers and other members of the design team, encouraging each person to participate in product designing. A deeper, more intimate relationship and empathy within the team always "always" results in a more empathetic, better product for people.
  6. As a writer or designer redefine the role of words in design and how each designer could be a part of copy creation, enable the right expression and ideas that emerge from teamwork to benefit people and businesses alike.

Words lead UX, in the digital world where people should no more be addressed as users. Though we may chase metaverse and run towards AI blurring the lines between real and virtual, it’s the right words that will always connect us all. We should move fast and embrace change but as far as we go it should be with human-centered experiences.

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