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January 14, 2022
February 2, 2021

What is it like to be a part of the QED42 team

What is it like to be a part of the QED42 team
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"Hi, I am Saloni, I recently joined QED42 as a UI/UX Designer and I would love to share my experience of being a part of the QED42 family.

I recently joined QED42 as a UI Designer. My hiring process involved an assignment. The interviewers listened very patiently while I presented my assignment and noted the positive and negative points. They were intrigued by my idea; unlike my other interviews where my efforts went unnoticed.

Constructive feedback is crucial

Because we all want to know the feedback on the work we have done. WHY? Even if the feedback is negative, we can always improve our next attempt. They gave me the feedback just after the presentation which I truly liked. 

Meeting my team

After I got selected, right from the HR discussion to Team Introduction Meeting I never felt uncomfortable. The experience has been very pleasant throughout all the interactions with the HRs and my team members. The first meeting turned out to be fun and enjoyable. They gave me the chance and time to practice and learn properly before I dived into the projects. 

Picked up some great work habits too

It is a great experience because I never got the chance to learn first and then start working on the projects. I was asked to make a note of all that I learned during this process which wasn't my habit before, but believe me, it's a great way to keep all the learning in the mind for long term. Remember how in our school time we were asked by teachers and parents to write whatever we learned? Most of us forgot that rule, including me. So from now onward and in all my future projects, I will follow this habit of documenting my learnings. Being a member of the QED42 family, I am super excited and feeling great, looking forward to my journey with them. My overall experience has been awesome and enjoyable. 

My onboarding process

It's been 2 weeks since I joined QED42. During this period, I underwent my onboarding process where I was given a couple of tasks. It was also a great opportunity to get acquainted with team members, tools, projects, and their way of working. Even though I haven't started working on any project, I learned a lot by merely attending the daily design reviews meetings. The suggestions and discussions were helpful. The tasks assigned during the onboarding process helped me focus on details, and I learned that tiny changes surprisingly make a big difference. 

The best part about QED42 is that your learning curve begins from the very first day, which is the most important part of your professional growth and I loved it! 

So, overall it was a great experience. And I am very happy to be a part of the design team!"

Finally, it was my turn to share feedback –

Here are a few questions and my honest responses: 

Tell us one thing you thought QED42 would be about (before you joined) and found that to be true (after you joined)?

"The HR had informed me about the professional growth and the chance to learn, which I took lightly since it is something every company claims to provide. But yes, with QED42 it did turn out to be true."

Which is the one core value of QED42 that you saw in the team, please share an example/experience, if any.

"Perfection, craving to learn, ready to iterate until it is perfect (design can never be a perfect piece, there is always a chance to improve), and sharing ideas. The one value that I admire is that everyone shares ideas as a team along with constructive feedback."

Whatʼs one thing we could have done differently to improve the first week of your onboarding experience?

"The onboarding experience was great. But one thing which I missed was to meet my team in person." 

Who was your favourite peer for the last 2 weeks, tell us why?

"I am sure all my teammates are super talented and unique, but since I had more interactions with my buddy Archita, I have more words to add about her. She was very helpful, soft-spoken, has good experience, explains the points very clearly, and always asks her team to share their ideas."

Do you feel disconnected because we are physically far? How was the experience of remote collaboration for you?

"Yes, definitely. It was my first time I am working remotely and not liking it much."

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