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June 20, 2022
June 19, 2022

Understanding Product Design

Understanding Product Design
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Good design has the ability to solve problems. However, unlike art, design isn’t able to stand on its own, albeit it does help reach a conclusive end. Product designers are specifically interested in the experiences a product is able to provide. The scope of work for a product designer is constantly evolving and is much more than what meets the eye.

What is Product Design?

Product design is a whole process in itself. It covers the end-to-end creation and designing of goods that effectively help to solve user problems while leaving a lasting impact on them.

For a good product design timeline, the final product should successfully help build the brand, ensure profit, meet all specifications of the business and solve end-user problems. This, while ensuring the product is able to provide aesthetic appeal, wherever necessary.

In order to have a good product design come through, it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of the user. The better a product designer is able to gauge the user while having a clear understanding of business needs, the better will be the outcome.

The scope of a product designer is quite big, to say the least. They identify, analyse, validate and then simultaneously design, test, and finally ship the end product.

To get a better understanding of what product design is, it is necessary to look into the different design forms that come together to make it happen. A product designer brings forth the knowledge and expertise of -

UX Design

UX design looks into the behavioral patterns and focuses on different ways in which an app might be able to solve a pre-defined user problem. UX designers have the ability to provide quick iterations and swift solutions.

Visual Design

Visual design is all about creating stunning works of color and depth while balancing positive and negative space. Visual designers work with pixels and provide comprehensive brand imagery.

Animation Design

Animation design is focused on providing visual effects that leave an everlasting impact. Animation designers are responsible for providing excellent motion images and videos, sleek transitions, and swift changes that leave users amazed.

User Research

User Research helps in understanding the user’s mind. The focus is always on the user and all the information they provide; good, bad, and ugly. User researchers help with all possible insights that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Business Strategy

Business strategy is all about answering the question ‘why.’ ‘why are we building this product?’ ‘why might it be successful?’ ‘why might users opt for it instead of opting for competitor products?’ and so on. In order to ensure a successful product, it is important to understand why it’s being built.

Data Analysis

Data analysis is the science behind product design. Data analysts look into the collection of data, A/B testing, and the like. Data analysts help with finalising the winning concept. They help decide what is most likely to be preferred by users and why.


Prototyping is the crafting of quick and easy interfaces. It is integral to the product design process. Prototyping enables quick, cheap, and easy iteration of ideas.

Why Product Design?

In an ever-evolving world, change happens to be the only constant. What might find acceptance today might lose relevance tomorrow. Design in itself is flexible and timeless. It is adaptive.

Product design is always in a state of motion. It is ever-evolving, trying to meet the growing and changing demands of the user. A good product designer knows this, which is why they employ all the above-mentioned design versions to create an impactful experience. One that resonates with the user looks into business goals and is aesthetically pleasing while being accessible.

Product design gives life to a brand’s vision and product designers are effectively the gatekeepers of good user experience.


Product designing is an amalgamation of a lot of different factors that include and aren’t limited to UX/UI design, information architecture, interaction design, and visual design. And product designers create experiences through familiarity with these different aspects.

The ultimate job of a product designer is to design products that not just shape the future but is also easy for people to use. Good product design has the ability to change and empower how society thinks and feels. While a product designer is often seen donning several hats at once, it is the final outcome that leaves a lasting impact.

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