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January 22, 2020
October 31, 2023

UI Testing Checklist

UI Testing Checklist
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The Graphical User Interface of an application is very important and therefore UI testing is even more important. If the UI of an application is tested accurately, the usability of that application becomes effortless. However while doing so you may face various challenges like time required for testing is more, complex UI workflows, constant UI changes, etc.

There is a high probability that most of the common checks are skipped during this process. Thus I have created a list of common checks that will be useful for QAs during UI testing. This article's sole purpose is to make sure UI issues are not missed and comes with a takeaway for the QAs - a handy checklist facilitating faster UI testing.

Here's a list of the UI checks one should perform: 

1. Font styles - Font size, colour, and family

2. Check CSS properties of an element

3. Check if the images are not breaking and don’t have any watermarks

4. Check if elements are not breaking or distorted on different browsers and screen resolutions

5. Check if the label text is clearly readable

6. Check if the error and validation messages are displaying correctly

7. Check if there are no spelling mistakes in the field labels and web page headings

8. Check if the disabled fields are not accepting any input

9. Check if the links are visible and distinguishable from the other text

10. Check if the social networking icons are rightly placed on sites

11. Check if there are no broken links on the web page

12. Check if there are no unnecessary blank spaces between the elements on the web page

13. Check if the horizontal and vertical scrollbars are appearing wherever necessary

14. Check if site logo is visible and clickable

15. Check if the web elements are not overlapping anywhere on the web page

16. Check if banner images or any other large images are not exceeding the screen limit

17. Check if the Privacy policy links are readable and clickable

18. Check if the Cookie policy section is visible with buttons and contents

19. Verify if elements in the dropdown are not overlapping

20. Check if the menu or submenu that is selected remains highlighted

21. If there are any country fields or phone number fields, check if the country codes are displayed correctly

22. Check if autofill function is working as expected and that there are no UI issues

23. If there are any maps on the site, check if the user is able to zoom in and zoom out the map without any UI distortion.                Check if the user is able to see the locations on maps

24. For any reports or charts check if the figures are displayed accurately

User Interface is the most crucial part of an application and hence it becomes essential to keep such checks handy to avoid any UI issues being missed during testing.

Happy Testing! 

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