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June 28, 2022
December 22, 2021

Share more joy with these 4 Holiday-centric strategies for Nonprofit Organizations

Share more joy with these 4 Holiday-centric strategies for Nonprofit Organizations
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People today are more aware than they have been for decades that's why there’s a renewed focus on nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits are not only designed for happiness, they bring communities together and help people connect through social and immersive experiences. People reach out to them for hope, optimism, contentment, and communal support, to discuss issues and bring their personal experiences into the spotlight, to collaborate with nonprofits on activism projects, and mainly to connect over the purpose that drives them. It's a partnership for change and an era where nonprofit organizations build themselves for purposes beyond individual advantages and there is no better time than the holiday season to bring in that change.

We look at how nonprofit organizations can share more joy during holidays and beyond with people through these 4 fresh-out-of-the-oven digital experience strategies. These strategies can be broadened from only profits of the cause towards something that acts in the interests of everyone involved, which includes volunteers, donators, activists, participants, suppliers, artists, communities, society, and the environment.

Be basic

Being basic is the new festive. There is an immediate need to focus on highlighting basic information through the power of to-the-point digital experience strategies. As people begin to unplug from hustle culture, everything simpler becomes more essential.

A basic homepage update before the holidays with real-time photos helps to communicate the right message of the organization. Easy access to the navigation even as people top scroll down the site and a donate or help us button always handy on one side weaves in inclusive design practices for all users. Simple call-to-actions, with mobile responsiveness, help shed light on the right information and that's exactly the experience people need during the holidays and beyond.

holiday-centric strategies for non-profits
holiday-centric strategies for non-profits
holiday-centric strategies for non-profits

Feeding America's real-life photos with appropriate holiday-centric call-to-actions.

Prioritize real connections over presents

Connections that feel real are all we need for Christmas. During the joyous time, shed light on both the negative and positive impacts of your cause. Increase engagement with messages that are impact-driven and drive actions for those in need.

Nonprofits can utilize holidays as an opportunity for rebuilding trust, acceptance, and community with real connections that come with transparency and clarity. It's the time of the year to build experiences that aim to make up for experiences people missed during the pandemic and spotlight a variety of messages that drive the need for forming a lifelong connection with the organization.

Kode with Klossy started by supermodel Karlie Kloss inspires women to pursue their passions in a technology-driven world.

Design unlike corporates

Nonprofit organizations are far from corporates, they are open to ideas that go beyond control, order, and processes. Their digital spaces are free to land for experiences that are experimental and expressive.

Nonprofits can thrive on distinctive aesthetics with heartfelt art that sends out purposeful messages and holidays are the best chance to introduce these changes while embracing aesthetic cohesion with a difference, in non-hierarchical modes, rooted in co-creation and play.

holiday-centric strategies for non-profits

Upstream International brings people together to challenge poverty in creative ways with stunning imagery and a bright color palette.

Spread hope for the future

People are in search of hope and the holiday season is for nonprofits to inspire that spot. The Holidays welcome more meaningful gestures, acts of kindness, and hope for a good future. Hope is a feeling that people find helpful to manage situations they find stressful.

Nonprofits need to evoke the emotion of a hopeful future and give a glimpse of what lies ahead with a combination of optimism and acceptance. Purposeful strategies like these enable a sense of happy-all-days while organizations stand out valuing experiences over materialism.

holiday-centric strategies for non-profits

Mend spreads its stories of hope by sharing real-time experiences.

In conclusion

Nonprofit organizations can adopt these digital experience strategies and step up with simple design solutions. Our findings here are not only about celebrations and causes, they are about bringing the happy vibe around the holiday season and beyond. The cues here are for using creativity in digital experience to bring in purposeful changes. These changes need to be done to continue creating a better community for all. Good communications are at the soul of change and bringing in changes that impact that communication with the people helps because connections can only be created about the cause when strategy and outcomes are clear, compelling, and motivational.

Brands that focus on creating emotional connections are clear about their cause, their vision, and the problem they intend to fix. It clears out their need to be built from a strong and motivating idea and have a soul. It was history when nonprofit organizations could work through traditional ways of engagement. Today, they need to give power with a cause, a sense of belongingness, and home to anyone who wants to engage with the organization.

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