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March 6, 2024

Setting up automated testing environment with Headway: A Step-by-Step Guide

Setting up automated testing environment with Headway: A Step-by-Step Guide
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Before getting started with Headway testing, it is essential to set up your automation environment correctly. This involves installing the required dependencies and configuring the test settings. This blog will guide you through the power of setup and necessary steps to set up your environment for the Headway testing framework.

The Importance of Properly Setting up your automation testing environment

  1. Enhanced Test Coverage: A proper setup is the foundation for effective data-driven testing. By carefully identifying the right datasets and test cases, testers can ensure that a wide range of scenarios and edge cases are covered. This comprehensive test coverage enables early detection of bugs, issues, and inconsistencies, leading to higher software quality and customer satisfaction.
  2. Increased Reusability: One of the significant advantages of data-driven testing lies in its reusability. A well-designed setup enables test cases to be easily reused across multiple iterations, builds, or versions of the software. This saves valuable time and effort, reduces redundancy, and allows teams to focus on exploring new functionalities and improvements rather than retesting the same scenarios repeatedly.
  3. Improved Scalability: As software projects grow in complexity, maintaining test suites becomes a challenging task. Proper setup empowers testing teams to scale their efforts seamlessly. By centralizing test data and maintaining it separately from the test scripts, any changes or updates can be made efficiently. Moreover, additional datasets can be easily incorporated to cover new test scenarios without requiring extensive modifications to the test scripts.
  4. Flexibility and Adaptability: A well-structured setup enables quick and easy modification of test data. As business requirements evolve or when specific scenarios need to be addressed, testers can swiftly update or add new datasets without affecting the core test logic. This flexibility allows testing teams to stay agile and respond promptly to changing project needs, ensuring that software releases remain robust and reliable.

Setting Up Your Environment


  1. Java 8 or higher
  2. Maven 3.x
  3. Selenium WebDriver
  4. TestNG
  5. Eclipse

Installation steps

Clone the Headway repository to your local machine.

Install the required dependencies by running mvn clean install in the root directory
Import project as an existing Maven project in Eclipse, File > Import > Maven > Existing Maven Projects > Next >
a. Browse to headway
b. Ensure pom.xml is found
c. Finish

  1. Update the file to configure the test settings such as the browser type and test URL.
  2. Write your test cases in the  src/test/java  directory using TestNG annotation and POM design pattern.
  3. Headway provides example tests. Run these tests to confirm that all setup is successful and completed as expected. 
  1. To run a complete test suite: Run the test by right clicking on the TestNG xml file and select Run As -> TestNG Suite
  2. To run individual classes containing tests: Run the test by right clicking on the test class file and select Run As -> TestNG Test.
  1. Goto “/reports" in the project root directory and verify the “Report.html” and “logfile.log” files are generated. 
  1. Verify the "screenshots" directory is created under the project root directory, when the test fails for the first time. 
  2. And the screenshot files are captured under this “screenshots” directory for failed tests.

You can refer to Chapter 2 of Headway user guide for more information on setup and installation.


Setting up your environment correctly is crucial for successful Headway testing. By following the installation steps and configuring the test settings, you can ensure that your testing environment is ready to create and execute tests using Headway. A properly set up environment lays the foundation for effective and efficient testing with Headway.

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