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November 8, 2019
March 26, 2019

ReactJS Kick-starter - A full day workshop at QED42

ReactJS Kick-starter - A full day workshop at QED42
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Anyone who has worked in the Web domain doesn't need an introduction to ReactJS. Our team engaged with new as well as informed ReactJS enthusiasts in a full day hands-on workshop.

ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript Library for creating rich and engaging web apps. It's fast, efficient and requires minimal coding. Developers prefer to work with ReactJS in comparison to other frameworks.

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ReactJS can be a steep learning curve. Especially for those who haven’t worked with Angular, VueJS or any other modern front-end frameworks or libraries. React’s poor documentation is another inevitable hurdle that adds to the confusion.

When I started, the available documentation didn't help much. So I looked for other online resources. YouTube videos and Medium blogs helped me through my learning curve.

On the quest, I reckoned people are enthusiastic about ReactJS. But since the official documentation doesn't help much, people give up midway.

It’s not about just learning, but a quest for mastering.

At this workshop at QED42, we aimed at bringing together like-minded people in Pune. Those who came were willing to learn ReactJS as a team.

We received overwhelming responses. It surprised our team. Over 150+ candidates registered for the workshop and 80 actually showed up. The intention of the workshop was to - Get people started with ReactJS. Provide a boost to the JS community in Pune.

The kick-starter workshop had three phases -

Phase 1 - General Theory:
It was an interactive session. We discussed React’s origin, about working under the hood, workflows, types of problems solved by React, life cycle, props, state, etc.

Phase 2 - Hands-on Activity:
Participants programmed a to-do list. They had to render a pre-defined list and then allowing user for taking new actions on this list to add new items.

Phase 3- Evaluation:
With an online quiz, I evaluated the participant about learning ReactJS concepts and their hands-on activity. I also created a road-map on a Trello Board for those who are willing to learn ReactJS. Check it out -

The response from the candidates was overwhelming:

Result 1


Was the session relevant


Were you satisfied with the session
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Our goal was to keep the experience as interactive as possible for new participants. To boost the community meetup, we could not accept remote audience. It was the inaugural session of an upcoming series of workshops on ReactJS.

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