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November 8, 2019
February 15, 2016

QED42 at Drupalcon Asia

QED42 at Drupalcon Asia
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To say that we are excited for Drupalcon Asia would be an understatement. With 36 of QED42 team in attendance, there is nothing we at QED42 love more than a congregation of Drupal lovers and Drupal enthusiasts from all over the world under one roof. We have been busy as elves trying to make it as much fun as possible for everyone (and us).

QED42 Sessions at Drupalcons

Art of Debugging and optimising Front End using Chrome Dev Tools: If you have always wanted to know tips,tricks and pointers on front end debugging and optimisation our QED42 guys, Swastik and Saket have you covered. Catch their talk on 02/19/2016 at 16:00 in hall 31, Drupalcon Asia.

Outsource! Really difficult to do it, eh?: Taking her experience as a Project Manager here at QED42, Rakhi Mandhania is giving a talk on outsourcing projects and how to optimize the process. Catch her in action at Drupalcon Asia, on 02/20/2016 from16:00-17:00 in hall 21.

BOFS Proposed by QED42

Bigpipe in Drupal 8: A Birds of a feather by Piyuesh where he will be discussing in detail about pipelining page components with the new Bagpipe Module, including code walk throughs. Take part in it at DrupalCon Asia at 12:45pm-13:45pm on Feb 19, 2016, Seminar Room 12.

Exploring Drupal 8 Frontend landscape through Polymer: Saket is back with a BOF session on the promise of using Drupal 8 as a backend for multiple front end frameworks.He will be concentrating on both about Drupal 8 Front end improvements and web components / Polymer. Come along and volley ideas to and fro with Saket at Drupalcon Asia on Feb 20 at from16:00 to17:00 in Seminar Room 13.

All work and no play makes for a dull Druplar, so come by Booth 11 for some fun activities.

See you soon!

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