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November 8, 2019
May 27, 2016

Pune Drupal Meetup, May 2016

Pune Drupal Meetup, May 2016
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The flavour of this month has been the Drupalcon New Orleans and we decided to keep the momentum going for this PDG meet-up held at the QED42 office.

The first session was given by Rakhi Mandhania on her experience at DrupalCon both as an attendee as well as a Keynote speaker for the Higher Ed Summit. She explained how everyone is concerned with the migration of a large number of websites to Drupal 8 and the lack of rich Drupal talent. DrupalCAP initiative was hailed as a solution to the jarring lack of Drupal literate work force and appreciated all around.

The second session was by Piyuesh Kumar on service workers, the same session both he and Saket kumar presented at New Orleans. He explained that functionalities such as, rich offline experiences, periodic background syncs, push notifications that traditionally require a native application are coming to the web and service workers provides the technical foundation all these features will rely on.

He ended the session with a demo of a working website for DrupalCamp.

The evening was concluded with us deciding the dates for DrupalCamp Pune 2016, which will tentatively take place sometime in late August.

Watch this space for details, coming shortly!
Good day and see you all soon.

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