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November 8, 2019
January 15, 2019

Pune Drupal Meetup - January 2019

Pune Drupal Meetup - January 2019
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Last month, Pune Drupal community conducted a Global Training Day event. It was a successful event and saw huge participation from Pune Drupal community.
Pune GTD reminded us that community is what makes Drupal so special and that interaction between the community members was somewhat missing from our Drupal life.

With the hope that we can change this, we had planned to increase the community participation by bringing back our monthly Drupal meetups.
And we did deliver on our plan! We had our first Drupal meetup of the year on Saurday, 12th Jan at SISCR, Pune.

The day started with a session on 'Docksal for Drupal' by Sharique.

Sharique preseting session on Docksal

The session covered the basics of containers and the difference between virtualization and containarization followed by a detailed demo of setting up a Drupal instance using Docksal and managing various configurations for Docksal.
Overall, this was a great introduction for developers & teams trying to adopt Docksal for their development environment.

Highlight of the day was the next session on the topic of Accessibility presented by Nikita, Ambuj & Sonal.

Nikita started the session by explaning basic concepts of Accessibility and day-to-day programming tips & tricks developers/teams can follow to make their site accessible.

Nikita presenting session on accessibility

It was followed by Ambuj's explanation of QA's perspective on Accessibility and what should be expected by users & testers for an accessible site.

Ambuj explaining QA's perspective on accessibility

Sonal concluded the session by going into the implementation details, specially the easy ways a developer/team can make their site accessible.

Sonal preseting session on accessibility.

We ended the day having by a general BoF on 'How to increase the community participation for Drupal meetups'.
This was a very productive discussion and the community identified the challenges of setting up a quality event and came up with action items for them.

  • Attendees want to see a variety of topics instead of just having them limited to Drupal Backend and Custom Module development. The session on Accessibility was much liked by the community and they'd love to see more such topics.
  • There's a need to streamline and improve the process of communicating Drupal events and their reporting.

We promise to work on the above and would love to see many of you join us in future meetups. Stay tuned to community updates for information on future events and topics!

Links to Session slides/resources:
1. Docksal:
2. Web Accessibility:

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