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September 23, 2014

Publishing MEAN packages

Publishing MEAN packages
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This is a follow-up blog post from Our Jounrey with MEAN. For those who are not familiar with MEAN, you must go through the previous blog post before proceeding here.

Contrary to Mean core, which is hosted on github, mean packages are hosted on gitlab at that fits in the larger vision of MEAN packages. To contribute a packge, an account on gitlab is required. This can be done right from the MEAN cli 

mean register

mean register

 This is very similar to your usual scaffolding command and generates a skeleton structure for your mean package.

Next step for you would be to go ahead and write code in the respective files. Review the code and unit test it thoroughly. Now comes the stage wherein you push the code to the mean repo. All you need to do to publish the mean package is:

cd packages/test
mean publish

To see your module, goto<username> and you can see your package listed there. Couple of things you should take care of while contributing a package:

1> Make sure you write an extensive README file.
2> Create an example page to demo the functionality that the package provides.
3> Write clean code.
4> Collaborate rather than compete. 

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