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April 23, 2024
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Perks and Benefits of Working with QED42

Perks and Benefits of Working with QED42
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At QED42, we believe in the pursuit of excellence while prioritizing the personal and professional success of our team members. We deliver digital solutions by being rooted in our values and principles, including taking charge, cohesion, coherence, kindness, boldness, and creativity.

We are focused on creating an inclusive, diverse culture where QEDians feel like they belong, as we grow and change. Our perks and benefits are carefully shaped keeping the professional growth and personal well being of our employees.

Work with ambitious mandates

We build partnerships with big brands across diverse industries, fostering inter-practice collaborations, and earning the trust of our valued clients.

Our partners are enterprises and purpose-driven organizations like, United Nations, Stanford GSB, Nestle, American Diabetes Association, Dr Reddy's Laboratories, nVent, Sony, HERE Technologies, National Stock Exchange, Illinois Legal Aid Online, Kotak Securities, SABMiller, National Kidney Foundation, Canon, HP, Ashoka, Scholastic, and Warner Music Group among others.

Working with big brands can significantly boost your career growth and exposure. The projects you work on and the connections you make can be a valuable learning experience. Whether it's honing your communication skills, mastering project management, or understanding the intricacies of their culture, there's much to gain from working with industry giants.

Collaborating with big brands exposes you to a vast network of professionals within the organization and its industry ecosystem. These connections can lead to valuable partnerships and mentorships.

Learning with collaboration

Here at QED42, collaboration between different teams is an integral part of our work culture. Cross-team collaborations allow our employees from different departments or functions to share their unique expertise, experiences, and perspectives.

This exchange of knowledge fosters a culture of continuous learning and enables individuals to gain insights into areas outside their immediate scope of work.

By working together to overcome obstacles and achieve common goals, employees have a wealth of benefits, including knowledge sharing, improved problem-solving abilities, enhanced communication skills, increased efficiency, professional development opportunities, networking, adaptability, and resilience.


QED42 is a product of the open-source movement, our belief in contributing back to open source is firm and is one of our guiding values to pursue. Our contributions to open-source communities like Drupal and React are based not only on our ethos of giving back but also on a desire to collaborate with some of the best minds across the world.

We encourage and mentor all our team members to contribute and help build the open-source community.

Open Source initiatives

Professional Development Ladder (PDL) program

We sponsor employees for upskilling and other educational opportunities for their growth within the company and otherwise. The PDL is a program wherein a mentee gets guided career-wise and with motivational, & emotional support by a mentor to show growth, develop skills, and set goals.

This program is designed to benefit both mentor and mentee, wherein the former gets to brush up on their leadership skills and the latter gets to practice and demonstrate all that has been taught.

Events and conferences

We want to help our team to have various experiences and exposures. So we encourage and motivate our employees to participate in events and exhibitions both on a national as well as global stage to present their work. This provides employees with the benefit of interacting with like-minded colleagues, showcasing their work globally, and also growing professionally.

Competitive salaries

We keep a close watch on industry standards and competitive salaries are paid based on your skills and experience.

Flexible work hours

We encourage our employees to structure their day as per their convenience with a required overlap with their team members. Flexible work hours allow our employees to go biking in the mountains, cook their favorite meals, spend time with family, or run to grocery stores among others without worrying about being stuck in a 9-5 job.

Flexible work hours

Health insurance

We value your physical and mental well-being and make no compromises there. After all, health is wealth, so we ensure it is well taken care of, for you and your family! All QEDians are entitled to term life, accident, and health insurance. The family medical insurance includes spouse, and up to 2 children.

We believe in protecting not just our teammates but also the people they love.

Our leave structure

Everyone needs their ‘me’ time and we value that immensely. Whether you’re looking for a vacation leave, a sabbatical, a celebration, or a loss, we’ve got your back. All QEDians are eligible for 21 days of consolidated leave from their date of joining.

We have 26 weeks of maternity leave for the first two children and 12 weeks for the third child, in compliance with the Maternity Benefit Act, India. We also offer 30 days of Paternity leave and 12 weeks of adoption leave to help make a smooth transition into a beautiful phase of life that awaits.

We offer 45 days in case of a miscarriage and 10 days in case of the loss of a close family member. We believe that these are difficult times and look to extend our support during such times.

You can also take a sabbatical, this is our way of pampering the employees who’ve been with us for a long duration. We offer 30 days of paid leave upon the completion of 5 years with the company.

Leave structure


We uphold the idea of equality for all, irrespective of their position, race, and gender. While work needs to get done, one shouldn’t have to compromise on their commitments to family and friends. A healthy work-life balance is of prime importance to us because it helps in attaining job satisfaction.

We value the idea of ‘maximizing joy and minimizing fear’ with empathetic leadership and an equal-opportunity work culture.

Along with doing good work, we value every opinion, we try to ensure each member feels at home when they’re a part of the QED42 family. We focus on spreading kindness and believe that a little affirmation at work does make one feel good.

Here are some numbers that might affirm your faith in wanting to be a part of our team.

  • A 4.7 rating on Glassdoor
  • A 4.8 rating for customer satisfaction on Clutch
  • A 99% rating of being recommended to a friend
  • A 94% approval rating of the CEO

If you like what you read, then be part of an organization where everyone’s got your back and your growth is given equal importance to the growth of the company. Explore our open positions here.

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