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May 10, 2023
September 4, 2013

Perfection with Sublime Text - Part 1

Perfection with Sublime Text - Part 1
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For web developers, the choice of a source code editor isn't one made lightly. If you are going to be coding on a daily basis, and thus productivity is gained or lost here on a grand scale.

But my search for the best code editor stopped with Sublime Text. In the course of the article, I'm going to do my level best to persuade you to switch to Sublime Text 2. For those of you who have already made this smart choice, jump straight to part 2 of this article where we will endeavour to set up the best practices on Sublime Text so that you can have a perfect workflow.

Let me first list out the reasons to switch to Sublime Text 2 if you haven't already -:

  • Compatibility across all modern operating systems - Windows, Linux or Mac
  • Multiple Cursors - Sounds intriguing, doesn't it? We have a detailed explanation below.
  • Vintage Mode for all you Vim Users
  • Lightning fast making it one of the fastest code editors on the web
  • Command palette so that you can touch the mouse as little as possible which is vital if you want to be fast.
  • The vast library at your disposal - Plugins, bundles and packages are readymate and available
  • Did I mention the price? Oh ya, it's completely free. But we do recommend donating to the owner, once you have completely fallen in love with it.

I hope you are convinced already, but if you aren't, read on, as we indulge in the best practices for Sublime Text.

Perfection with Sublime Text - Part 2

In this article we have discussed installing a super-package manager, Sublime shortcuts, code snippets, various libraries at your disposal, and so much more.

By the end of that article, I know you will be like this -: Jumping in happiness.gif

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