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October 22, 2021
January 2, 2020

MLH Local Hack Day:Build 2019

MLH Local Hack Day:Build 2019
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Major League Hacking’s Local Hack Day - Build is a global day-long hack day, which brings ideas to life with a worldwide community.

The Local Hack Day Build was scheduled from the 1st-7th December 2019 in different cities across the globe. A 12 hours hackathon known as BUILD was carried at more than 200+ locations during this period. Facebook and MLH were the event sponsors! 

QED42’s Pune office hosted approximately 65+ bright and curious minds for the Local Hack Day - Build on the 7th December 2019! This included a considerable amount of college graduates.

MLH Local Hack Day 2019

I had the opportunity to engage with Facebook Developer Circle Pune. To my surprise, students possessed knowledge about technologies like Docker, Git, and presented innovative ideas. Within a span of 12 hours, groups had created both desktop and mobile applications, which was commendable.

Let me walk you through the Local Hack Day at QED42. 


We kickstarted the event started with the MLH Local Hack Day introduction by Sangeeta Gupta (Facebook Developer Circle Pune Lead). Post this, Sayak Sarkar conducted a brief session on Git and Github. 

MLH Local Hack Day 2019

Some groups came up with innovative ideas, while others received ideas from the organizers. And finally, the event began! 

Event Kick-Off

Groups of curious and innovative minds started working on their prototypes. In the middle of the prototype creation process, the organizers had arranged scrumptious lunch for everybody. Post lunch the groups resumed work on their respective prototypes.

MLH Local Hack Day 2019

Interaction with FDC, Hyderabad

We also had the opportunity to interact with our sister community Facebook Developer Circle from Hyderabad. They were also hosting the MLH Hack Day!  Sharing updates and stories with them was an absolute pleasure. We played a fun game between Pune and Hyderabad folks, where each team has to mention a programming language name until other team runs out of known language names.

MLH Local hack day Facebook Developer Circle Hyderabad

Among several innovative ideas and demos, here are a few of my favourites:


1. An application that enables children with down syndrome identify wet and dry waste by looking at the images. The app guides and communicates via text to speech functionality, whether or not the choice made by the individual is right. This helps improve the performance of special children. Team Members:        

  1. Amar Nagargoje                                
  2. Atharva Barve                
  3. Tejas Bhadane                
  4. Nirav Madariya

2. An Online Judge System which also is one of the world's first Self Learning Ladder - based judge system, along with developing their own indigenous IDE. To make this project more of a Capstone Project, the team developed a Web interface and an Android App interface too. Link: Team Members:        

  1. Ayush Shah                                
  2. Kunal Raut                
  3. Prathamesh Shiralkar
  4. Pratik Daigavane
  5. Saarth Deshpande
  6. Tejas Joshi
  7. Utkarsh Atre                    

3. Built an internet bot to buy and sell digital gold on Paytm Gold at the best possible buying and selling prices. Enabling users to earn money without doing anything. Link: Team Members:         

  1. Pranshu Tople                                
  2. Pallavi Saha                
  3. Shubham Nandi                
  4. Rishabh Agarwal                       

4. Women Safety App where the map will be segregated on the basis of the danger zones in the city based on the threat level. The areas will be colour-coded as grey, yellow, and red. The mobile will be connected with the GPS for live tracking if a person goes into the threat zone a prompt will be sent to the emergency contacts. If the person stays too long in the danger zone without any activity, the alert will be sent to the police department. Areas are segregated by the threat level determined by crowdsourcing the information about any particular area. Link: Team Members:        

  1. Reshikesh Umakant Dhanrale                                
  2. Akshit Abhay Keoliya                
  3. Shweta Singh                

5. Learning to use Azure Cloud Cognitive services and GitHub integration. Mood Detector - Captures your face and detects the mood like Happy or Sad. Link: name: Alphons Jaimon        


6. Millions of saplings are planted every year, and millions die too. Because they are not taken care of. This is a humble attempt to track all such saplings around a volunteer's vicinity keeping the external factors like weather into account. Link: Team Members:        

  1. Aniruddha Kibey                                
  2. Devendra Bhat                
  3. Shagun Kaushik                
  4. Shreyas Kalmegh                    

You may also read about the other projects here:

MLH Local Hack Day 2019

Here are a few more highlights from the Local Hack day: 

  1.        FDC Pune members launched the official Facebook Developer Circle: Pune organisation on GitHub and made the first solid-doodle repo. Currently, it has 102 commits and 23 contributors in the repo. Link:        
  3.        We discussed the DevC Training courses and how they can prove to be extremely beneficial for the community.        
MLH Local Hack Day 2019

At the end of the local hack day, we collected the participant’s feedback in a rather innovative way! Participants drew emoji’s on colourful sticky notes to express their feedback about the event. 

MLH Local Hack Day 2019

We had a wonderful time collaborating with participants from different domains. Hacking, brainstorming, and innovating collectively at the Local Hack Day - Build! 

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