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November 8, 2019
May 1, 2012

Kaal - Drupal 6 theme

Kaal - Drupal 6 theme
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Kaal is a port of a wordpress theme to drupal. A pro-blogger theme which can have "ads" in the blog. It is a three column theme which you can use for your blog. It uses Blueprint CSS framework. This is a sub theme of drupal's blueprint project. So please download and install the blueprint base theme (follow the install instructions for installing blueprint as base theme) if you chose to install kaal as sub theme. We have also provided an option to download it as a standalone theme. 



  • Three column
  • Fixed width
  • It has two sidebars,a AD's sidebar which can be used to display AD's with a right sidebar.
  • Its tableless which makes it light weight.
  • Uses blueprint CSS framework, which takes care of browser compatibility issues.

It has been tested for browser compatibility and it works fine in most of the widely used browsers. You can download the theme here 

This is the first official theme release of QED42, we would be releasing more themes in future and all under GPL. Would love to hear your feedback in comments and suggestions for future theme releases. 

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