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November 8, 2019
June 29, 2015

June - Drupal Monthly MeetUp

June - Drupal Monthly MeetUp
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This month Pune Drupal group had more than 75 active attendees participating in Drupal Monthly Meetup. We are thankful to Cybage Software Pvt Ltd  for hosting the event on 26th June 2015 at their premises.

Drupal Meetup

 The basic agenda of the meetup was to launch the Pune Drupal Camp 2015 website and present the camp highlights. 

Drupal Meetup

Ajit Shinde presented a session on drush which mostly focussed on drush as a deployment and remote management tool in detail. In the presentation he discussed various scenarios of remote server management using Drush and site aliases.

Drupal Meetup

To understand this in more detail you can follow this Blog :- drush as deployment and remote management.

Shubhangi Bandal presented a session on Drupal Distributions. She talked about anatomy of distributions and how to create your own with a discussion on .make files and Installation profiles. 

Drupal Meetup

After the sessions we had BoFs(Birds of Feather) where developers came together and discussed their problems in different areas of development. Following are the areas of discussions taken :-

  • Saket Kumar talked about the solutions to queries about Drupal 8 theme development.
Drupal Meetup


  • Ajit Shinde spoke about Drupal 8 module development.
  • Swastik Pareek explained about Drupal 7 Behaviours.
Drupal Meetup
  • Naveen Valecha stressed on Drupal performance.
  • Saheel Sikilkar discussed on Drupal to Drupal Migration.

After the BoFs Dipen talked about future of Students in Drupal.

Drupal Meetup

 He addressed about Drupal Campus Ambassador Program (DCAP) which aims to introduce Drupal to top Indian Universities and Engineering colleges by creating a network of Drupal Campus Ambassadors across different Universities and Engineering colleges of India. DCAP will be lead by core leadership and volunteers from the Indian Drupal community will travel to these colleges, evangelize Drupal and select one student who has very good insight into Open Source technologies. He mentioned that the idea behind the DCAP is to have these bright minds spreading Drupalism at the grass root level. At the end, community launched Pune Drupal Camp 2015 website and thanked members of the team who worked for the website.

Drupal Meetup

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