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June 28, 2022
December 27, 2021

Jumpstart your Digital Transformation with a Digital Experience Platform

Jumpstart your Digital Transformation with a Digital Experience Platform
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Digital experience platforms (DXPs) are becoming extremely popular these days. Companies looking to enhance their customer experiences and meet demands use DXPs to up their game. It's because DXPs can offer seamless customer experiences across multiple channels. 

Adopting these platforms are important as customers are getting pickier by the day. As they want connected experiences on their phones and laptops, companies utilize DXPs to create personalized and unique customer experiences.

DXPs have become the perfect tool for digital transformation, connected offerings, and enhancing business operations. So, if you're looking to adopt a DXP for your firm, this blog will tell you all that you need to know.

What are Digital Experience Platforms?

DXPs came into action as more companies wanted to deliver customer-centric services and experiences. That's why its features are based on familiar technologies businesses already use, such as CMS and web portals. 

By 2024, the DXP market is expected to skyrocket up to $13.9 billion! Before we talk about the "how" of DXPs, let's start with the "what."

What's the deal with DXPs? 

Well, you can consider them as platforms that enable the hosting, development, and distribution of high-quality digital experiences for users. 

  • It helps companies organize and offer connected experiences on all touchpoints. These channels include social media, web, and mobile, along with digital displays, wearables, and digital home devices
  • It is a type of enterprise software that optimizes digital interactions and helps acquire user insights
  • Depending upon the company's goals, products, and services, the DXPs can include these services and other functions too

Usually, companies purchase various software suites to develop these experiences for different channels and markets. But a DXP acts as an integrated platform combining everything – CMS, e-commerce solutions, analytics, search, marketing, and much more. 

Who should use Digital Experience Platforms?

Digital experience platforms enable companies to develop digital experiences with outstanding consistency and speed. These platforms integrate content, commerce, and customer experience to deliver a more personalized and interactive experience across multiple channels. 

If this is what you want, then DXP is the perfect enterprise software suite for you. DXP will suit you if you encounter the following situations - 

  • You have multiple online and offline digital touchpoints for connecting with your customers 
  • You want to segment your customers and target them properly via the various touchpoints 
  • You generate most of your revenue from online business 
  • Reaching an international audience across the world is one of your primary targets 
  • The various front-end and back-end systems are not in sync 
  • If you want to increase customer loyalty and deliver personalized experiences

On top of all this, DXPs allow you to have more control over your digital touchpoints and marketing strategies. The flexibility to upgrade or change the various tools also lets you enhance your services. 

In short, if you want to capitalize on integrated technology and offer the best user experience possible, DXP is the way to go.   

How can Digital Experience Platforms drive Digital Transformation?

If you feel that your company is lacking technical prowess, it might be time for digital transformation. And, as you might guess, DXPs are currently the best options for such a change. But, selecting a DXP is just getting the job half-done. 

Here's how you can utilize DXPs one step at a time for a successful digital transformation.

Figure out the needs of digital customer experience 

As you're aiming to deliver seamless and personalized experiences, you need to start by understanding your customer's pain points. You have to figure out the customer's requirements, problems, and issues faced during their buyer's journey. 

Data Analytics tools within the DXPs might give you a better insight into this. After you've figured that out, you can start working on creating a better digital user experience. You can either enhance your existing customer offerings or develop a new one. 

Being a completely data-driven strategy, you'll observe the change in quality open these experiences. It will also not limit you to a specific type of customer interaction idea. You'll get all the appropriate tools for development from your trusted DXP! 

The enterprise software will offer you the following pros in this regard – 

  • This transformation will enable you to figure out the gaps in communication between your customers 
  • You can determine the faults in your user interaction delivery 
  • Understanding the customers is more convenient in this way

Enhancing the accuracy of marketing and customer engagement strategies 

The best way to improve the accuracy of your customer experiences is to understand customer behavior better at every digital touchpoint. By tracking customer interactions and analyzing associated information, you can bring a radical change to your user experiences. 

This is where digital experience platforms come in – 

  • It allows you to pull data from various digital touchpoints to take a closer look at your customer
  • This information will include transactional data, demographic data, product preferences, marketing campaign interactions, and social media activity
  • The DXP will enable you to combine this information together and develop a single holistic view of your customer
  • All this information will enable you to derive behavioral insights about your users. You can improve your existing experiences using this data

Omnichannel experiences

DXPs will also allow you to offer better omni-channel experiences to their customer base. This digital experience can span across various channels that are perfectly synchronized and connected. Users can start an introduction on one channel and complete it on another. 

The DXP platform insurance that this entire experience is seamless without glitches.  

Use the flexibility and integration to stay updated    

When you are using various technology platforms such as a web portal and a CMS, you have to upgrade them frequently. Although it's absolutely necessary, you might be worried about the steep expenses that come with it. But with a DXP on your side, it's time to de-stress!

DXPs offer a high level of flexibility and integration, which helps you cut down a lot of expenses. 

  • As the platform integrates multiple software tools together, updating them is convenient and cost-effective. Plus, the hassle of upgrading everything one by one is also gone
  • The fact that digital experience platforms let you handle all the tools easily makes it easy to focus more on user experiences
  • In addition, if you want to utilize some new tool or software, adding it to the DXP is convenient. You'll save a lot more than buying the tool individually

So, you can call DXPs a fantastic long-term investment. They’ll help you reduce expenses and stay updated with the latest tech trends.  

Centralized location to collaborate experiences across the customer’s journey

Digital transformation depends a lot on proper integration and data collection. That's why digital experience platforms focus so much on integrating tools, connecting silos, shifting agile workflows, and creating feedback loops. All this helps you to craft better customer experiences. 

This amazing enterprise software offers you the infrastructure required to collect customer information from various digital channels. 

  • Acting as a centralized data repository, you can refer to it for developing any User experience
  • These platforms are powered by machine learning, enabling you to derive insights into customer behavior 
  • Along with feature-rich dashboards and suggestions, you get KPIs to track the performance of your ventures 
  • DXPs also help you keep your objectives and products aligned
  • You can also improve your customer experiences constantly by measuring their effectiveness

So, digital experience platforms take care of a vital phase in digital transformation - data integration.

Improve employee productivity 

Apart from providing you with everything required to develop enhanced user experiences, it also helps your workforce. DXPs enhance employee productivity and experiences. 

But how? Any digital experience platform facilitates data sharing and exchange. 

  • As a platform works on integrating data, your employees can access it to fetch any type of user information. It makes work more convenient for everyone, which in turn speeds up the processes
  • Convenient data exchange directly impacts communication. When you get everything under one umbrella (the DXP), employees can communicate easily and effectively. In addition, this helps in bringing down inter-departmental barriers
  • So, during those intense brainstorming sessions, everyone can collaborate easily and come to a decision

What's more? Digital experience platforms also offer you multilingual tools to manage data with ease. Plus, you get a lot of scope for customization with these platforms. 

Your team can easily modify the settings, upgrade software packages and make other changes without hassles. 

All these aspects contribute towards organizational growth and improving employee productivity. And that drives your digital transformation process forward.   

Closing thoughts

Digital transformation is the need of the hour and the best way to stay in the game. No matter how unique your products and services are, a digitally upgraded experience will help you stand apart. After all, it's not all about the products, but the experience you offer with them. These platforms are going to be the craze in the coming years. So, be smart and start using DXPs now to stay ahead of the curve. With improved collaboration, customer tracking, and data collection, it's your time to rule. 

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