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August 1, 2015

July - Drupal Monthly MeetUp

July - Drupal Monthly MeetUp
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We are thankful to the community to give us the opportunity to host the Drupal Monthly MeetUp. The Meetup was held on 31st July 2015 with the agenda to accelerate the progress of Drupal Pune Camp 2015.

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The Inception of the meetup was marked by Saheel Sikilkar who gave a brief insight on the Semi Automation of Publication Process using Drupal. The talk was a sharp introspection into the challenges faced and how Drupal came across as a winner to the solution. 

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This was further followed by Prafful Nagwani who discussed about the challenges faced in Project Management from developers perpective and its solutions. He quoted that ""Productivity is directly proportional to proper time management and communication between the team is a dealbreaker solution to most of the problems.""

After the sessions we had BoFs(Birds of Feather) where developers came together and discussed problems faced in different areas of development. Following are some of the areas of discussions taken :-

  • Why we should use Drupal 8 ? which was reasoned by Dipen
  • Saheel Sikilkar talked about Editage Insights which is built completely on the concept of Semi Automation of Publication Process.
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  • Sumit Madan shared his ideas for increasing Contributions to Open Source. How it could be a boon for everyone if focussed upon.
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  • Piyuesh Kumar posited on How one can increase Website Performance ?​
Drupal Camp


After the BoFs everyone enjoyed sharing their ideas and contributions in Pune Drupal Camp 2015 website and its promotions discussions where taken up over a cup of tea. Since Pune Drupal Camp 2015 website is built on Drupal 8 it added to the experience of everyone working on it. And with this the Drupal Monthly meetup was concluded over some Pizzas, Extra loaded with ideas that were brewed over a cup of coffee and the never ending love for Drupal.

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