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September 29, 2021
April 10, 2021

Join QED42 at DrupalCon North America 2021

Join QED42 at DrupalCon North America 2021
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It’s time for another virtual DrupalCon! 

DrupalCon North America 2021 is right around the corner, and QED42 is excited once again to be a part of the largest Drupal conference of the year. This is the third virtual Drupal conference since the pandemic and will be hosted on Hopin, a leading platform for hosting interactive and personalized virtual events. Check here, for detailed information on how to access Hopin for DrupalCon NA.

About DrupalCon

DrupalCon is a mission-centric program of the Drupal Association designed to bring people together to share thought leadership around open source and ambitious digital experiences, provide professional development opportunities, and invigorate Drupal project momentum.

Wondering why attend DrupalCon NA? 

This year DrupalCon North America offers you exclusive access to insights from open source with 100+ sessions from tech industry leaders and Drupalers, 5 summits, initiative days, networking opportunities with more than 3000 attendees and more! 

So whether you’re new to Drupal or a long-time enthusiast, you’ll find valuable information, skills, and connections at DrupalCon NA

DrupalCon NA introduces Initiative Days! 

This year, DrupalCon NA is introducing a special focus for each day - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Each of these days will have a special focus on Drupal Project’s Strategic Initiatives and will begin with an Initiative Keynote. Be a part of these initiative days and hear from the key members for each of these initiatives, about the goals of each initiative and how it will empower you to build better products for the future of digital experiences. Click on each initiative below for more information on what to expect each day:

Decoupled Menus Day
Keynote - April 13 | 11:00 AM UTC

The Decoupled Menus Initiative will talk about the progress the initiative has made so far, as well as its next steps and how you can be a part of this initiative. The key highlight of this initiative is the hackathon where you can build your custom menu with your preferred JS framework! 

DrupalCon North America 2021

Easy Out of the Box Day
Keynote - April 14 | 11:00 AM UTC

The Easy Out of the Box Initiative is a new strategic initiative of the Drupal project. 

Here is what Emilie Nouveau had to say about the initiative – 

“The easy out of the box initiative is about making the editorial experience clear and empowering from the moment Drupal is installed by enabling Media, Layout Builder, and Claro (that are stable but need more work to be enabled by default) finished up for the standard profile.”

DrupalCon North America 2021

Automated Updates Day
Keynote - April 15, 11:00 AM UTC

The Automated Updates Initiative is a strategic initiative to lower the cost of ownership of Drupal, increase security, and help Drupal users stay on the leading edge of new features.

DrupalCon North America 2021

Drupal 10 Readiness Day
Keynote - April 16 | 11:00 AM UTC

Drupal 10 is planned to be released in June 2022, Drupal 10 readiness day dedicated to the Drupal 10 Readiness Initiative. Where you can learn about how the preparation is going so far, contribute to Drupal 9 and 10 readiness of contributed projects, documentation and early marketing material, and more. 

Also, catch Ashish, Technical Architect - Backend, as he shares QED42’s Drupal 9 upgrade story in Gabor’s keynote! 

DrupalCon North America 2021

DrupalCon North America Summits

DrupalCon NA will also have Industry Summits that will focus on the digital issues faced by each industry. These summits are scheduled throughout April and not just the DrupalCon week, enabling attendees to manage the time efficiently while networking with their peers on one on one basis during the summits. Know more about each summit by clicking on the links in the schedule below.

Community Summit - April 6, 2021

Higher Education Summit - April 20, 2021

Healthcare Summit - April 22, 2021

Nonprofit Summit - April 22, 2021

Government Summit - April 29, 2021

Keynote Sessions we are looking forward to

Every year, DrupalCon brings together industry leaders who share their insights on various topics. This year we are excited about having these main stage speakers at DrupalCon NA: 

The Driesnote

Drupal project Founder, Dries Buytaert will take the main stage on 14th April for the Driesnote, where he will celebrate recent successes and detail the vision for where Drupal is going next.

DrupalCon North America 2021

Allyship - the key to unlocking the power of diversity 

UK's Top Most Influential Women in Tech, Sheree Atcheson will talk about how to create inclusive environments and inclusive technology at the main stage on 12th April.

DrupalCon North America 2021

Accessibility for Deaf Beyond Video Captions & Sign Language

Did you know that over 1 billion people cannot use your product at all if it is not accessible? This DrupalCon NA learn how accessibility goes beyond captioning, sign language or interpreting with Svetlana Kouznetsova on 15 April.

DrupalCon North America 2021

Check out all the main stage speakers here 

QED42 at DrupalCon North America 2021!

This DrupalCon, join us as we share our latest Higher Ed & Nonprofit implementations, along with our Drupal Migration and Decoupled Drupal expertise. Attend live talks, workshops and panel discussions, win exciting giveaways, and stand a chance to win an Apple Watch with us! 

Things you shouldn’t miss at our virtual booth – 

How ILAO leveraged Design Systems

A chance to interact with Gwen Daniels - Director of Product Development at ILAO (Illinois Legal Aid Organization) at our DrupalCon NA booth on 12th April, 7 PM UTC and learn more about how - Migrating to Drupal 8 and Design System has expedited their content management. 

DrupalCon North America 2021
DrupalCon North America 2021

QED42’s Lightning Talk 
Where: Hopin - Room 5 on 13th April at 17:35 UTC.

Join Piyuesh Kumar, our Drupal Practice lead, share how we migrated the world’s top business schools website to Drupal 8 and how we standardized their Design. Immediately post the lightning talk, hop into our virtual booth to get in-depth insights on our Higher Ed success story.

DrupalCon North America 2021
DrupalCon North America 2021

QED42 DrupalCon NA Giveaways! 

DrupalCon NA Quiz

DrupalCons are not just about tech and networking, come play our DrupalCon NA Quiz and stand a chance to win QED42’s designed t-shirts or an Apple Watch. 

DrupalCon North America 2021
DrupalCon North America 2021

Personalized Audits

We are also offering free personalized audits for your website! Our experts will design a completely personalized action plan for you based on your audit requirements. This DrupalCon we are offering:

  • Drupal 9 Readiness Audit
  • User Experience Audit
  • SEO & Performance Audit
DrupalCon North America 2021

Watch out for our Intermission Programme! 

As a part of the intermission programme, we are bringing you DrupalCon North America themed mixology! Make your favourite DrupalCon NA themed drink and share a picture with us (tag @qed42). 

Don’t be a stranger! 

We would love for you to come by our virtual booth for a chat! If you’d like to book a slot with our team click here.

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