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September 29, 2021
February 16, 2021

Interning at QED42 - an inside scoop by our design interns

Interning at QED42 - an inside scoop by our design interns
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We are excited to have four Design interns join us last month. Akansha, Anwesha, Harshit, and Prakriti have a high diversity of competences and will contribute with new skills and knowledge across our various marketing and design initiatives here at QED42. We are very excited to work together with these talented students in shaping the future of design!

On the account of completing a month with us at QED42, our design interns have received a surprise in the form of a book - Hooked. And guess what! They decided to publish an exclusive scoop about their experience so far. Right from their onboarding assignments to working on marketing and design projects, they are ready to spill the beans.

So, without much ado, let’s read what they have to say. 

Akansha – First impressions are important

Interning at QED42

"While searching the internet for my graduation project internship, I stumbled upon QED42’s website. After researching the company’s work culture and reading the reviews on LinkedIn, I instantly connected with the idea of interning here. After applying, they invited me for an interview where I presented one of my projects. The interview went smoothly, and I felt comfortable as they looked patiently at my work and heard my thoughts. Usually, most interviews make you feel nervous but here the atmosphere was friendly, and I could present my thoughts and learnings much better as compared to the other interviews.

During my first month at QED42 here, I had the got an opportunity to interact familiar with my team members, get acquainted with their way of working, and the projects. I enjoy the playback meetings, where we meet the entire team to share the learnings from our the tasks in the form of a story and discuss the feedback.

So far I am loving the experience of working virtually; although, I feel if it was an in-office internship, I would have met all of my team members in person and experienced the office culture of QED42." 

Anwesha – Learning the importance of interaction

Interning at QED42

"My first week at QED42here was an honest entry to a professional life where I was welcomed with open arms. It opened my eyes to the importance of interaction at every step and how beautifully QED42 facilitates and inculcates that for us. I learned the core needs of design, how to take feedback and how to work on them. I understood that no aspect of the design strategy is hypothetical. Interaction with my seniors and peers has enabled me to understand the crucial parts of a smooth functioning workplace.

My onboarding assignment was to create a component library for designing user flows and sitemaps for not only designers but other departments as well. This not only required me to interact with a lot of people but to engage in a conversation about their journey and work. Talking about the same principle briefly with different people and understanding how everyone functions and how it all comes together in the end, was very educational. 

I used to shy away from asking too many doubts or questions and usually ended up not understanding anything, however, in our daily reviews and playback meetings, we touched base multiple times on the same concept multiple times until I understood it. Help is always available here, all you’ve got to do is ask. During my initial weeks, the biggest skills I learned were to ask, keep my hesitation aside and convey my thoughts, and learn from the educate myself with all the feedback.

Initially, I was looking forward to an in-office internship and working together with my team and seniors. I thought I'd feel more disconnected as all of my friends are interning at places with zero interaction. But, here at QED42, we interact with our team at every step."

Harshit – A thrilling shift from college to professional life

Interning at QED42

"Before joining QED42, I was looking forward to interacting with the skilled and experienced team here and I am glad that I got the opportunity to work with them.

My experience here has been incredible so far. With supportive mentors, seniors, and teammates, it has become really easy to explore and learn more in the domain. I am being groomed in my approach towards the daily tasks. 

Sometimes, the shift from college to professional life becomes a challenge to deliver the exact design and I keep revolving around the surface, but that is what enables me to push my limits. Overall, it has been a marvellous experience to create and increase the level of knowledge and understanding in the domain.

As I am a design intern and still exploring the ways to come up with some good creations, even though find that my pace is slow while ideating scenarios but I’m sure I will be able to fix this under the guidance and supervision of my team."

Prakriti – Collaboration is the key to success

Interning at QED42

"The design team at QED42 has been very supportive and engaging. I like how interns are treated just like full-time associates and get assigned actual and meaningful tasks. Here, documenting a project is just as important as finishing it. The team has been really helpful. We are encouraged to communicate with everyone in the organization and expand our network. The people here are friendly and approachable. 

All the daily meetings and weekly playbacks are planned efficiently and effectively, making our work easier. 

Everyone here has a collaborative approach. We are assigned tasks with process breakdowns and relatable content samples for inspiration. There has been a constant flow of knowledge from our seniors. The assignments are interesting and engaging and help us to brainstorm and expand our knowledge.

QED42 has a 'We got your back' attitude and I have experienced it first hand while working here. Our seniors are always ready to handle our messy situations."

Some exciting things are in store for the interns next month

Our first month was all about onboarding assignments, getting accustomed to the professional life, learning a great deal from our seniors, and working on internal projects. It seems like we have done so much in such a short span of time; working on marketing and design initiatives like HEY illustration library, Drupal swag store, QED42’s design website, sitemap marketing site, and so on. 

Each day is filled with so many challenging and meaningful tasks. As per our seniors, next month is going to be even more rewarding and exhilarating as we will be working on QED42’s live projects. Even as interns, we are adding value to the mission of our organization - reshaping the digital landscape and delivering ambitious digital experiences to our clients worldwide. Isn’t that, what ‘Design’ is all about!

QED42 is an end-to-end solutions provider, focused on delivering ambitious digital experiences to customers around the globe using usable Design and cutting edge technology. We are currently looking for a Visual Designer to join our team. Apply at

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