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September 21, 2021
September 25, 2020

Enhance Drupal’s Layout Builder

Enhance Drupal’s Layout Builder
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The Layout Builder provides the ability to drag and drop site-wide blocks and content fields into regions within a given layout. While working with default views of a layout we believe there is considerable scope for improvement, giving a cool configurable layout to the content editor and site builders.

We started to look for enhancement modules and we found a lot of useful modules from

We implemented a few modules and improved the look and feel, significantly! 

While working with these modules we came across certain issues or improvements needed from the content editors perspective:

Content editing experience: default off-canvas dialog box

The interface for the user to write content within this custom block would be through the off-canvas dialog which is a standard solution chosen by the Layout Builder developers. The off-canvas dialog is very narrow and not an optimal user experience for this scenario. 

An alternative to this is the Layout Builder Modal

  • This module lets you add and configure existing blocks in a modal in the Layout Builder UI. Delivering a better interface to the content editors. 
  • This module lets you use a modal dialog instead. This modal opens when trying to add a new block.
Enhancing Drupal's layout builder

Here’s the link to download the  Layout Builder Modal:

Content editing experience: Default UI for adding blocks and section

The default Layout Builder’s  ‘Manage Display’ interface shows all blocks (including all entity-specific fields), and all layouts that are registered in the system. For all sites, this poses a usability problem, as the list of blocks quickly becomes very large. Additionally, for many sites, the ability to curate which blocks and layouts are available on a given entity is an information architecture necessity.

An alternative for this is the Layout Builder Restrictions

  • This enables you to set which blocks and which layouts should be available for placement in the Layout Builder.
  • This module provides a configurable UI to allow-listing/deny-listing blocks and layouts. 
  • Sites can allow all options from a certain provider, or restrict all options by the provider, or specify individual allowed blocks and layouts.
Enhancing Drupal's layout builder

Here’s the link to download the Layout Builder Restrictions module:

Content editing experience: Page Layout edit link

To edit the content by using the Layout Builder; a content editor needs to visit the page and click on layout link to edit the page.

An alternative to this is the Layout Builder Operation Link

  • The Layout Builder Operation Link module adds a 'Layout' operation link to the Layout Builder-enabled content on Drupal administrative pages. 
  • This link saves content editors a click/page load when they want to access an entity's layout page directly without loading its edit page first.
Enhancing Drupal's layout builder

Here’s the link to download the Layout Builder Operation Link module:

Content editing experience: Attributes for block

At times the content editor’s need to deal with different attributes for example class, id, Data-* attributes, etc. to achieve specific features., for this Layout Builder Component Attributes will be helpful.

The Layout Builder Component Attributes module is helpful in these scenarios 

  • The Layout Builder Component Attributes module allows editors to add HTML attributes to Layout Builder components (blocks). 
  • Attributes can be added to:
  • the block (outer) element
  • the block title
  • the block content (inner) element.
Enhancing Drupal's layout builder

Here’s the link to download the Layout Builder Component Attributes module:
Layout Builder is a game-changer for content editors and marketers.  The modules that we looked at really help make it easier to use!

If you would like to create your dream website with the Drupal Layout Builder, feel free to reach out to us at

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