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April 20, 2020
January 31, 2020

Drupal Global Contribution Weekend 2020

Drupal Global Contribution Weekend 2020
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After a successful DrupalCamp Pune 2019 last September, the Pune Drupal community did not hold any meetups. Global Contribution Weekend was scheduled in January 2020, and I thought this would be a great opportunity for the Drupal Pune community to have a meetup as well. 

Core members of the Pune community had a meeting, where we decided the event format and location. QED42 which always volunteers and encourages people to participate in the opensource events decided to host the Drupal Global Contribution Weekend.

Drupal communities began uniting in India

Drupal Delhi community had already planned for GCW on the 25th January. Jaideep, Senior Engineer at QED42, who is one of the active members of the Drupal Community in India connected with us and shared the idea of collaborating with the Pune community. We had an initial meeting about the type of issues that should be targeted in the GCW 2020. Later it came to our knowledge that other communities are also planning to have the GCW 2020 event. We contacted other communities and proposed the idea of carrying out the GCW 2020  unitedly all over India.

The following Indian Local Drupal communities were planning to host the Global Contribution Weekend: 

  1. Pune
  2. Delhi 
  3. Bangalore
  4. Kolkata 
  5. Chennai 
  6. Kochi 
  7. Mumbai 

Sprint Planning

We decided to focus on the Drupal 9 readiness, Olivero theme and contrib modules issue queue. Olivero, one of the Drupal core initiatives, seeks to create a new default front-end theme for Drupal with a modern look and feel. The Community started triaging the issues. Hardik Patel shared a large number of issues which he had prepared for the Global Contribution Weekend and needed to be review. Sonal Sangale triaged several frontend issues from the Drupal issue queue. Similarly, the other communities were triaging the issue queue.

Event Day 

The code sprint in India started at 10 AM. Prasad Shirgaonkar presented a session about Drupal India Association and its vision. This was the first time we saw different local communities from India collaborating at a global event. Approximately 150+ people from different Indian Drupal communities were connected via video conferencing. 

Drupal Global Contribution Weekend 2020

Following Prasad’s session, VijayaChandran Mani delivered a session on the State of Drupal 9 from London. He spoke about various tools which can be used to check  Drupal 9 compatibility. Vijaya presented tools like drupal-cheker, drupalstan, etc. which make upgrading the existing Drupal 8 modules to Drupal 9 a super easy task. This fueled our determination on contributing to the forthcoming Drupal 9. VijayaChandran Mani incorporated Gabor Hojtsy slides on State of Drupal 9 in his session.

We then had a lightning session presented by Rangaswini Khandare on ‘Automatic Updates in Drupal core’. This is a recent Drupal initiative which is gaining traction and was featured in DrupalCon Amsterdam as well. Rangaswini introduced us to the goals & objectives of Automatic Updates and explained the amount of work done in Phase 1 and the progress of phase 2. She also encouraged people to join this initiative and contribute to the core.

Drupal 9 Automatic Updates

Code Sprint

After Rangaswini’s session, the Global Contribution Weekend participants at QED42’s Pune office geared up to begin the code sprint! Find the list of issues we worked on here -

Here are a few glimpses of Drupalers contributing toward making Drupal better.

Code Sprint GCW2020

QED42 also sponsored a scrumptious lunch for the contributors in Pune.

QED42 Sponsored lunch at GCW2020

Pune Drupal Community Contribution Highlight

Total 38 issues were picked for the contribution.

Drupal Global Contribution weekend 2020

Statistics for GCW 2020 all over India

Total 67 issues were picked for the contribution.

Drupal Global Contribution Weekend 2020

After 5+ hours of code sprint, we concluded the Drupal Global contribution weekend with a group photo and contentment in our hearts.

Drupal Global Contribution weekend 2020 Pune QED42
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