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August 7, 2023
August 7, 2023

Drupal Developer Days 2023: A Success Story

Drupal Developer Days 2023: A Success Story
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The Drupal Developer Days 2023 event brought together over 350 passionate individuals from around the world who love, learn, and discuss the open-source CMS, Drupal. Held in Vienna from 19 to 22 July, this year's gathering was a distinct success.

DDD23 Group Photo

Organized by the Drupal community, this annual event provides a platform for developers to collaborate, contribute, share, and meet like-minded Drupal enthusiasts, uniting minds for open-source progress.

This year's event centered around developer-specific initiatives, featuring dedicated contribution events for GitLab and Mautic. Contributors hosted enlightening sessions covering a diverse array of topics.

There were sessions from renowned Drupal contributors like XJM, providing valuable tips on peer reviews, Gabor discussing the present and future of Drupal initiatives, and Lauri unveiling the exciting innovations in Drupal 10+.

One of the standout sessions was Drupal and Godot, which explored using Drupal as a backend for games with a creative workshop leveraging Legos as an interactive activity.

I had the opportunity to present my session – "An Introvert's Guide to Open Source Communities," which was very well received and opened up doors for some interesting questions from the audience.

DDD23 Aastha's Session

The session also led to the opportunity to connect with fellow Drupal contributors and plan some noteworthy future collaborations.

The full session recording is available on YouTube, and it did receive an overwhelming response, making it the most-watched among all the other sessions.

In summary, DDD 2023 offered an uplifting experience for all attendees, making it a highly recommended event for open-source enthusiasts.

The key highlights included networking and collaboration opportunities with prominent figures in the Drupal community, engaging sessions and workshops on the latest Drupal developments, fostering knowledge sharing and active participation, empowering attendees to shape Drupal's future with renewed passion, and strengthening the sense of community among Drupal enthusiasts.

During the event, everyone had the chance to learn about new developments in Drupal and actively contribute to its progress while networking and sharing experiences with other developers. There is no doubt about the event's success when everyone gets to walk away not only with valuable insights and opportunities for future collaborations but also with revered memories of a lifetime.

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