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November 8, 2019
October 13, 2014

Drupal 8 Module Porting Sprint

Drupal 8 Module Porting Sprint
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We in Pune community have had few D8 sprints in past, where in we focussed on sub components like Router system, Multilingual and other low hanging fruits. Many Drupalers wanted to have a high level view of D8 Developer ecosystem and we decided to conduct a Module porting sprint, where the idea was to port a simple module from D7 to D8 in hope to cover maximum surface area of API Changes. Given upcoming Diwali break we decided to meetup on 12th Oct '14 at QED42's office, 13 people joined the sprint on a very short notice. 

Porting Sprint


Sprint kicked off with a crash course by Piyuesh on D8 API changes, this was mostly a quick rundown of D8 API Changes talkfrom Drupal camp Mumbai with some updates based on the latest API. To make sprint productive we did a code walk of a recently ported module Social stats mapping admin and UI screens to code. After a quick planning session we decided to port Time spentmodule to D8, the main idea was to select something simple and for everyone to write some code. We followed the below procedure to manage collaboration of the port: 

Port of time spent is almost complete with some clean up left, the upside was that everyone got to write some D8 code. Other than port of Time spent, Ajit finished last set of issues on Social stats and created a beta release. All in all a productive sprint on a short notice, Hi5 to all who participated. 

Update on Future Sprints - To avoid inconvenience, we also decided that future sprints could be split across 2-3 locations within Pune and for us to communicate via hangouts and IRC. We plan to have the next sprint sometime Early-Mid November, more details to follow. 

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