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November 8, 2019
March 18, 2019

Designers Block? Take a stroll

Designers Block? Take a stroll
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One often wonders what lies at the root of creativity. How to keep your creative juices flowing and those gears running. When we are stuck at such place, mind blocked towards new ideas - the best solution might just be to put the pen and paper down, get up from that desk, and take a walk in the outside world. This is exactly what we did when scratching for new ideas for a recent project. Luckily the walk for us turned out to be a visit to the India Design Exhibition at Okhla.  

India Design exhibition is a premier design exhibition in India where all the luxury design brands come together for a four-day show to showcase the best that they have to offer. Such a place serves perfect hunting ground for that elusive inspiration. It was interesting to see, how a simple concept can be taken to an exceptional by giving attention to detail. A commonplace idea can stripped down to their core values to create modernist new products.

A change in perspective was well documented through an installation by LightAndYou. They set a room set up in an alternate perspective. When visitors clicked and rotated their pictures it looked like they were caught in a scene from Alice in Wonderland. This booth was a big rage with visitors where everyone wanted to get their picture clicked.

Light and You Exhibit

Another exceptional aspect was the visual depiction of the design direction taken by Asian Paints. Frequently what makes a design special is the backstory. Explorations in terms of color, texture, form, and emotion give an insight into the process taken by the designer and his aspirations for the product. This was very well represented in the Asian Paints color Next venture. Taking a visitor on a journey from raw inspiration to a perfectly curated experience. Each of their four presentations was a delightful combination of concept, research, and visualization. It was insightful to see different ideas on how to represent a concept in a three-dimensional space.

Asian Paint

We all have the same clay in our hands to make as varied expressions as we can imagine. Countless different interpretations of the same basic principles of design reinforced this idea. A jewelry brand decided to magnify its creations a hundred times the scale. The result was extraordinary sculptures which created an entirely different environment for the brand. Their twenty feet installation left visitors staring in awe. This exhibit created a great recall value for the visitor. 


The subtle power of design to uplift the ordinary to extraordinary was visible all throughout the exhibition. Remarking on a pink china set our senior designer rightly said that there maybe millions of pink in the world but it takes a designer's eye and skill to come up with just the right pink to go with the proportion, form and story that blends seamlessly into a well design product. Viewers get delighted by that beautiful color combination. Unknown to them, hours of research and trials have gone to achieve that perfect blend of pink.


After being exposed to such a spectrum of wildly creative work your brain cells automatically began to tinker. Each idea gives birth to new ideas. A drive occurs that makes you want to push yourself to achieve more. So, when you are down and out. All the design knowledge you have acquired over the years won't come to your aid. The solution might be to go out for that walk, take in the fresh air and observe.


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