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April 16, 2020
September 21, 2014

Bookmark folders

Bookmark folders
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Tired of navigating to folders via their meandering paths.....Start using aliases, but finding them hard to manage. Enter bookmark.

This is a very handy functionality that lets us bookmark folders, and easily navigate to them in the future, rather than manually creating aliases for navigating into each folder.

Sample Use Case

cd /webapps/app1 bookmark firstapp

then next time you could directly do

go app1

rather than having to cd into the folder manually.

List of Commands

Bookmark a folder. If no arguments are passed, it will create a bookmark with that current folder's name.

cd /webapps/app2 bookmark [name]

The file where bookmarks are saved (.bookmarks) will look like this /webapps/app1|firstapp /webapps/app2|app2 Unbookmark functionality has been added as well. Will unbookmark current folder if no name is specified.

unbookmark [name]

Error message on unbookmarking a folder that doesn't exist. If you were inside a specific folder which has been bookmarked, it would be removed from list of bookmarks. Show Bookmarks to see list of bookmarks


Go - Command to navigate to a folder. Supports completion as well.

go app2

P.S. - Been using this functionality for a long time, can't remember its original author. Code's been heavily modified with a lot of functionalities added by me now. Credit to him/her as well :-)

Installation without brew

Clone (or manually download) the project:

git clone ~/bookmark`

2. Add the following line to your `~/.bash_profile` or `~/.zshrc` file:

&&. ~/bookmark/

Installation with brew

brew tap pratik60/bookmark brew install bookmark


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