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May 16, 2023
May 16, 2023

Rediscovering the Joy of Reading: #AllBookedApril

Rediscovering the Joy of Reading: #AllBookedApril
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Welcome to #AllBookedApril, a celebration of World Book Day that transcended the boundaries of a single day and unfolded throughout an entire month.

With a blend of creativity, inspiration, and sheer fun, this month-long activity captured the essence of the written word. It welcomed avid readers, those longing to reconnect with books, and even those who rediscovered the joy of reading amidst their busy lives.


We invite you to immerse yourself in the captivating journey of #AllBookedApril. Get ready to be inspired and entertained as we explore the remarkable events and unforgettable moments that unfolded during this literary extravaganza. 

Ignite your imagination: The magic within pages

There's something truly magical about books, isn't there? Books hold immense significance in our lives, offering a multitude of benefits that extend far beyond entertainment. They act as catalysts for creativity, transporting us to realms where our imagination knows no bounds.

#AllBookedApril Benefits

As renowned author Jorge Luis Borges once beautifully said, "I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library." This quote captures the essence of the nostalgia and joy that reading brings. It reminds us of the endless possibilities, infinite knowledge, and sheer bliss found within a book's pages.

At QED42, we believe in the transformative power of books. To truly celebrate World Book Day, we recognized that one day wouldn't suffice. Thus, we embarked on a grand journey: #AllBookedApril, a month-long celebration dedicated to reigniting the joy of reading.

At its core, #AllBookedApril was a spirited endeavor to reignite the flames of passion for reading. It sought to remind us of the timeless allure of books, transporting us to far-off lands, unraveling mysteries, and sparking our imagination.

Let's dive into the exhilarating world of #AllBookedApril and unveil the captivating events that made this literary extravaganza an unforgettable adventure. 

Unleashing adventure: A sneak peek into #AllBookedApril

Welcome to a vibrant world where literature came alive and ignited the hearts and minds of participants.

Visual Book

Unleashing their creativity to bring books to life, participants selected a book from a slide and transformed its essence into captivating visual summaries. The event showcased a kaleidoscope of imaginative interpretations, celebrating the beauty of storytelling through art.

#AllBookedApril The Alchemist

The Masterful Illustrators

Group 1, led by the creative minds of Jaideep Kandari, Shilpa Lal, Akash Dabhi, and Alphons Jaimon, mesmerized us with their stunning visuals depicting the enchanting world of "The Alchemist." Their artistic expression and interpretation truly captured the essence of the book, earning them a well-deserved victory. Congrats! 

Treasure Hunt

Igniting the thrill of discovery, participants were provided with clues and hints, challenging them to uncover the hidden gem—the name of a book. The participants embarked on a captivating quest, putting their literary knowledge to the test.

The Quest Conquerors

Congrats, Team Tagore, comprising Libbna Mathew, Vidit Anjaria, and Siddhi Paliwal, for unraveling the clues and claiming victory in the thrilling Treasure Hunt event with remarkable teamwork. 

Trivia - First Week

Diving into the depths of bookish knowledge, participants put their literary wits to the test, answering challenging yes-or-no questions in the MCQ round. In the Guess the Author challenge, they deciphered famous quotes to unravel the brilliant minds behind them. A thrilling battle of book smarts unfolded as 15 participants competed for victory.

The Quiz Maestros

A round of applause to Apoorva Krishnaprasad and Rahul Savaria for their remarkable trivia prowess! Among 15 participants, their knowledge and quick thinking propelled them to the top. 

Trivia - Second Week

Ready to test their literary expertise, participants aimed to solve an online crossword puzzle, teasing their brains with clues about beloved books and their authors. Then, they decoded the titles of books using nothing but emoticons, putting their intuition to the test.

The Quiz Titans

 Congratulations to Yngesh Raman, Akash Dabhi, and Vidit Anjaria, who emerged victorious among 15 participants, showcasing their quick wit in this enthralling challenge. 

Trivia - Third Week

Bracing themselves for a mind-bending challenge in Matching Mission, participants sharpened their wit by pairing book-related terms with their corresponding meanings. In Misfit Mania, they unraveled the odd one out from a lineup of authors, books, and genres.

The Quiz Champions

Kudos to Aastha S and Tarun Lewis for their outstanding win. Among 15 participants, they impressed us with their book knowledge and emerged as the triumphant champions. 


Spreading the joy of reading through a heartwarming book gifting activity, participants became literary Santas, exchanging books with one another, kindling a sense of camaraderie, and sharing the magic of storytelling. 

Image Contest

Capturing the magic of reading and showcasing their love for books, participants shared photos of themselves immersed in a book or flaunted their personal libraries, competing for the title with the most creative and inspiring image. 

Story Writing

Weaving captivating tales in this thrilling event, participants crafted enchanting stories using given prompts and showcasing their storytelling prowess.

#AllBookedApril Tree of Life

The Literary Legends

Group 2, consisting of Pratik Bhadang, Aastha S, Jaideep Kandari, Indu Satheesh, and Yngesh Raman, wove a captivating tale set in a mystical Himalayan village. Their story emphasized the profound value of a majestic banyan tree, showcasing the unity and determination of the villagers to safeguard nature's treasures. Their creativity and heartfelt narrative secured them the win. Well done! 

From readers to champions: The enthusiasm that lit up #AllBookedApril

#AllBookedApril swept through QED42 like a tempest, leaving behind a trail of transformed readers. It was a revolution, a resurgence of passion for books.

Pages were devoured, imaginations unleashed, and hearts filled with the sheer joy of literary exploration. It was a month that forever changed us, bonding us through the magic of words.

In the spirit of #AllBookedApril, we discovered the extraordinary power of recognition and appreciation in nurturing a vibrant work culture.

By celebrating the accomplishments of our reading champions, we kindled a sense of belonging and encouragement within our teams. The simple act of acknowledging their literary pursuits became the fuel that propelled us toward greater camaraderie and shared success. 

#AllBookedApril in Words

Amidst the heartfelt testimonials and glowing feedback, the resounding impact of #AllBookedApril reverberates. These expressions of gratitude inspire us to not only celebrate books and reading for a month but to embrace the adventure of reading in our lives. 

Closing the chapter, opening new worlds: Embrace the adventure of reading

#AllBookedApril Moments

#AllBookedApril is a reminder of the enchantment that lies within the pages of a book. Let us further ignite our imaginations, expand our horizons, and lose ourselves in the mesmerizing narratives that lie ahead. Welcome the pure joy of reading into your life, for it holds the incredible power to whisk us away to unimaginable realms.

As we close this chapter, treasure what the great Dr. Seuss said, "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."

May your reading adventures take you on extraordinary journeys, filling your heart and mind with wonder and endless inspiration!

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