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Drupal 7 will not receive security support after January 5, 2025. We're here to help you migrate to Drupal 10 with an agile team and a credible methodology. This ensures the security of your digital platform from potential threats, helping to future-proof your business

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“I have never worked with a more dedicated group of developers. When I explain what I want, they understand how to approach it, whether it is a site-building task, contributed modules, or something that is going to require custom code. And it goes beyond Drupal, their development practices are deeply professional.”

Gwen daniels

Director, Product Development

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Evaluate your Drupal 7 platform
Evaluate your Drupal 7 platform
Evaluate your Drupal 7 platform

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Our methodology

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What does the end of Drupal 7 mean for your digital platform and business?

Security vulnerabilities

No security patches after January 5, 2025 — Known and future vulnerabilities will remain unpatched, increasing risks of website compromise, data breaches, and malware infections.
Deprecation of core libraries and dependencies — Outdated libraries and dependencies within Drupal 7 may become incompatible with newer technologies, introducing security flaws.
Limited security expertise — Finding developers with expertise in patching and securing legacy Drupal 7 installations could become increasingly difficult and expensive.

Feature stagnation

No new feature development — Drupal 7 will not receive updates with new features, functionalities, or integrations, impacting usability, user experience and digital presence.
Compatibility issues with modern technologies — Features built for newer web technologies (mobile optimization, advanced APIs) might not be available or compatible with Drupal 7.
Limited third-party module support — Development of new modules and updates for existing modules on Drupal 7 will likely dwindle, hampering website customization and functionality.

Maintenance challenges

Increased maintenance costs — Maintaining a secure and functional Drupal 7 website post-EOL will likely require specialized expertise and custom solutions, raising maintenance costs.
Reduced vendor support — Commercial support for Drupal 7 will gradually decrease, leaving businesses responsible for finding and managing alternative support solutions.
Potential future compatibility issues — Migrating content and functionality from Drupal 7 to newer platforms may become more complex and costly as the platform ages.

Business impact

Potential legal and financial risks — Security vulnerabilities on unpatched Drupal 7 websites could lead to legal consequences and financial losses due to data breaches or operational disruptions.
Competitive disadvantage — Websites built on outdated platforms like Drupal 7 may struggle to compete with websites utilizing newer technologies and functionalities.
Missed opportunities — Businesses relying on Drupal 7 will miss out on the benefits of newer features, improved security, and better user experiences offered by more modern CMS platforms.

Explore the feature differences between Drupal 7 and Drupal 10

Why is Drupal 10 good for your website and business?

Security assurance

Drupal 10 provides automatic and robust security measures, safeguarding your website from evolving cyber threats. With advanced security features, focus on growing your business with confidence, knowing that your digital assets are protected against potential risks and vulnerabilities.

Seamless scalability

Experience unparalleled scalability with Drupal 10's robust architecture, effortlessly handling high traffic volumes and intricate content structures. Whether anticipating a surge in visitors or expanding content offerings, Drupal ensures your website seamlessly scales alongside your growing user base, maintaining optimal performance and user experience.

Enhanced connectivity

Drupal 10 empowers your website by seamlessly connecting with other platforms through advanced API integrations. Bridge the gap between your digital presence and external systems, streamlining workflows, automating tasks, and unlocking endless possibilities for growth. Enhance operational efficiency and stay ahead in today's interconnected digital landscape.

Intuitive content authoring

Transform content creation into an intuitive and joyous experience with Drupal 10's modern editing tools, including the powerful CKEditor 5. Drupal 10’s user-friendly interface empowers content authors to create engaging and impactful content effortlessly. Elevate the quality of your digital storytelling and capture your audience's attention with intuitive content authoring.

Global reach

Break down language barriers and tap into new markets, expanding your reach and attracting a wider audience. Whether a local business looking to go global or an international enterprise seeking diverse clientele, our platform enables effective communication with the world.

Distinctive branding

With Drupal 10, move beyond generic templates to create a unique and memorable digital experience for your audience. This version of the Drupal platform provides flexibility and tools to showcase your brand identity, helping you stand out in a competitive online landscape.

Effortless flexibility

Customize and update your website effortlessly to stay relevant and dynamic over time. Whether introducing new products, services, or branding elements, our platform empowers you to make changes easily, ensuring your online presence aligns with evolving business strategies.

Search engine optimization

Drupal’s mobile-first design and content strategy align with the latest SEO standards, ensuring easy discoverability by potential customers across various devices. Stay ahead in search rankings and attract organic traffic with our SEO-centric approach.

Community-driven consistency

Drupal's consistency is fueled by a passionate community continuously developing new features and modules. Join a collaborative ecosystem dedicated to keeping your website at the forefront of digital solutions. Benefit from regular updates, innovations, and the collective expertise of a diverse community, ensuring your digital presence evolves with the latest industry standards and technologies.

Ready to migrate faster? We can help
Ready to migrate faster? We can help
Ready to migrate faster? We can help
Ready to migrate faster? We can help

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