Benefits of mobile apps

Increased visibility

Improve customer engagement

Cultivate customer loyalty

Build brand and recognition

Direct marketing channel

Mobile-first ideology

What was once a trend is now a way of life. Mobile is the No. 1 channel for media consumption. We help you to be where your audience is, provide value, and continuously adapt to change. Adopting the mobile-first approach is not a matter of hype anymore, it’s about agility. At QED42, we ship experiences to devices and screens of all sizes, helping your business stay relevant, responsive and successful. Our experts help startups and enterprises innovate faster to deliver performant and cutting-edge mobile solutions. 

Our mobile application development services

iOS App Development

Our team of product strategists, UX designers, and mobile developers leverage the power of Apple’s iOS platform for delivering stunning apps that are both engaging and monetizable. Our iOS app development services extend beyond just building standalone apps, we develop apps that function as third-party integrations, apps for iPads, iPhones, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and Apple’s home kit devices. This enables us to deliver performant applications with delightful user experiences. 

Android Application Development

We offer bespoke Android apps and advanced Android application development services to global brands, enterprises and startups, that power billions of devices around the world. Having delivered over x+ intuitive apps across a wide range of Android devices, our team can help you craft niche Android apps for smartphones, tablets, Android TV and Android wear. 
QED42 offers a full suite of Android application development services ranging from prototyping, third-party integrations, cloud, AI & ML, QA, to app upgrade and maintenance.

Cross-platform Apps

QED42 is a top cross-platform mobile application development company that empowers businesses with multi-platform based experiences that meet their user and business needs. Our cross-platform mobile apps help clients cover a wider audience using devices with different OS. We build affordable, easy to maintain, versatile mobile apps with technologies and frameworks like React Native, Xamarian, Flutter, HTML 5, and CSS3. 

Cloud-driven Mobile Apps

Our cloud-driven applications ensure maximum security, scalability, performance and concurrency for your mobile applications. A cloud-driven application is a service that runs on the server instead of a device. We help you define your cloud strategy with our cloud consultation and ensure optimized delivery of information across different devices with zero downtime. We work with leading cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, and Azure to deliver exceptional performance. 

Hybrid Application Development

Robust hybrid applications offer the best of web and native applications, promising a wider reach and coverage. Hybrid app development also offers easy access to device data, reduces the cost considerably and enables your application to work offline and scale to a variety of platforms and operating systems. Our JavaScript experts combine the power of JS with HTML 5 and CSS3 to develop hybrid applications with the latest frameworks such as Phonegap, Appcelerator, Sencha and more, delivering an amazing UI/UX. 
Our expertise in hybrid app development, ensure apps with faster time to market without comprising on the quality.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps use modern web capabilities to deliver fast, native-app experiences with no app stores or downloads and are accessible completely on the web. Our PWA services aim to delight your users/customers and help businesses increase conversions. Over the past 11+ years, we have successfully deployed secure and robust web applications that run faster across all platforms with minimum effort. Our PWA’s come along with features such as offline browsing, push notifications, easy distribution channels and data analysis.

Delightful experiences, on the go 

Our in-house UI/UX design experts carve engaging user-first interfaces and mobile experiences for iOS and Android. We create simple, clean and attractive UX designs that are focused on critical functions, enabling clients to provide a better user experience while consuming fewer resources. We aim to deliver mobile app interfaces that are designed for touch with smart intuitive notifications and easy navigation.  

Add intelligence to your apps 

We use Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning technologies to enable apps with personalization, advanced search capabilities, predictive analytics, improved security, user engagement, data mining and more. 

Our team helps integrate features such as geo-tracking, location sensing, and more into mobile apps. We also deliver solutions for wearable devices and gadgets, mobile-enabled Internet of things (IoT) solutions, and conversational AI’s (Alexa).


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