QED42’s open source values


Open source is all about sharing. Our contributions, ideas, discoveries are accessible to the community to learn and build upon.


Be it code, ideas, or innovation; we implement open standards empowering other contributors to enhance, modify and contribute in the future.


We are committed to strengthening and growing our open source communities by aligning our contributions & efforts with their goals.

Thought Leadership

We have been involved with open source from the beginning. Backing emerging communities & contributing to the development of open source.

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Jyoti Bohra quotes

I contribute to enhance the power of Drupal and I like giving back to the Drupal community so that it helps other Drupalers.

Jyoti Bohra
Drupal Developer
Hemant Gupta quotes

I contribute to Drupal to improve my Drupal skills and to help the Drupal community by making Drupal more secure and stable.

Hemant Gupta
Tech Lead - Backend
Aastha quotes

I have always been an open-source enthusiast & QED42 gives numerous opportunities to get involved with the Drupal project and open-source in general. We have a dedicated open-source channel where people can ask for help, get their patch reviewed, and post their learnings and progress.

Aastha Shrivastava
Associate Engineer- Full Stack

Building the Open Source community

Open source technologies such as Drupal and JavaScript thrive on a constant influx of users and contributors. We at QED42 help open source technologies like Drupal grow with our internships, which help introduce fresh talent and minds to the magical world of open source. We offer a 6-month internship program here at QED42, that introduces college students to the endless possibilities that open-source technologies offer. 

Since our inception, we have added 100+ individuals to the Drupal talent pool. 

Our featured projects


The Bug Smash is a Drupal community initiative driven by contributors to address the known bugs in Drupal 8/9/10 core. The objective of this initiative is to lower the number of open bugs, resulting in a more stable Drupal core for everyone. Over the last quarter, QED42 has submitted over 50 patches for the Bug Smash Initiative. Recently Mohit, our technical architect who has been leading this community initiative from QED42 presented a keynote session at DrupalCon Europe 2021. 


With Simplytest.me Drupal developers can easily evaluate and test any module, theme, distribution, or Drupal core version available on Drupal.org within a temporary sandbox without the requirement of any local setup. QED42 revamped the theme and frontend for Simplytest.me. We implemented components for CTA, displayed explanations, and footer template. We also created the Sponsor submodule that renders the images, alt text will be the sponsor name, linked to their site.


Mautic is the world’s largest open-source marketing automation project. With over 200,000 organizations using Mautic and over 1,000 community volunteers.

We have team members actively involved in the development and maintenance of Mautic. Explore mautic here.


Our first open source design gig, Hey! Is a library of customizable illustrations that offers professional-quality design elements to the community. You can use the Hey! illustration library for every project you can imagine and create - personas, storyboarding, comics, marketing, product illustrations, presentations, user flows, and more. Explore Hey! here.

Contributing to the quality of Open Source

Open source largely depends on a sustainable community to develop code rapidly, debug code effectively, and build out new features. Working towards a quality-assured open source world, our Quality Assurance engineers have always embraced the idea of open source wholeheartedly. The QA team at QED42 is in an endeavor to ensure that technologies like Drupal and JavaScript remain bug-free and without errors. 

Our QA team contributes to global projects such as Mautic which is an open-source marketing automation project with more than 1000 developers contributing to the project. We have also contributed to open-source initiatives such as Olivero, Claro, Bartik, Seven themes, and Drupal-Javascript Initiatives. 

Our JavaScript contributions

On the JavaScript side of things, our team has developed JS elements such as the ‘polymer-zoomove Element’ which allows you to zoom in on images with just a mouseover. To help you make the most of your digital real-estate, we engineered the ‘polymer-bg Element’ to evenly distribute images on a JS page. We have also developed custom navigation tabs for React Native supporting 5 different styling types with amazing animations.

These are just a few glimpses of our ongoing and continual commitment to the spirit of open source. To take things up a notch, we keep on finding new ways to contribute with the entire team shouldering this commitment we have towards open source. 

Committed to making Drupal stronger 

Dries' latest article, Who sponsors Drupal development? (2020-2021 edition) speaks of our vibrant Drupal community that plays a crucial role in the health of the Drupal project. And we are proud to have been featured all 6 times in it! 


We are among the top Drupal contributors in the world on the Drupal.org marketplace! 

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Our contributions

QED42 participates in the Drupal community not just through code, but in whatever ways possible. We share experiences through speaking at events, blogs, hosting Drupal meetups, and sponsoring Drupal events.


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