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Ruchika Mohite
Digital Marketing Strategist
09 December, 2021 4 MIN READ

QED42's Culture & Values

09 December, 2021 4 MIN READ
Ruchika Mohite
Digital Marketing Strategist

Take a peek into the core values deep-rooted in our culture – 

We are a bunch of cool nerds trying to make an impact without losing our cheerful, slightly hilarious humane sides. As we develop into competitive individuals in this futuristic workplace, we share a common set of values that define the culture at QED42.

You probably would have read or heard about the state-of-the-art solutions that we offer. It’s time to look at the humans behind these digital experiences! 


Inclusion – Celebrating individualism and nurturing team spirit

We thrive on diversity and celebrate authenticity. Our teammates come from varying backgrounds with unique sets of values and perspectives. We respect that, but it doesn’t stop us from working as a team.

We hold long, healthy discussions when needed and let everyone voice their opinions. We agree and disagree, but we never stop anyone from coming up with fresh ideas and perspectives, irrespective of their identities.

We thrive on building an equitable environment. We support growth and failures equally.


Kindness – Promoting a culture of warmth, compassion, and humbleness

Being kind stands tall at the number one position on our priority list. We believe in practicing kindness and empathy within the team and in the society. We forgive, we let go of things more often than usual.

We share a meaningful relationship with one another. We adopt different perspectives and still understand each other. We treat every individual with warmth and compassion, and that’s the aura we strive to maintain around us at all times. 

We experience difficulties in our personal and professional lives. Still, we firmly believe that being kind makes enduring those hardships easy. Whether we are brainstorming from the office or hopping on Zoom calls, this culture forms the foundation of our interactions.


Resilience – Tenacious is our second name, problem-solver is still the first

We know change is constant, and we embrace it. We improve, we adapt, we evolve. We are a bunch of stubborn individuals who never give up. We stick together as a team and are tough as nails.

We discuss, we agree, we disagree, and we come up with a solution instead of giving in to failures.

We are crazy heads, we love getting to the root of the problem. We assess, measure, and devise solutions. We pride ourselves on an innate problem-solving flair that cannot be silenced. We work in synergy and are still perfectly independent.


Purposeful – Being candid while being aware of the community needs

Authenticity and honesty form the core of our ideologies. We love honest opinions, open communication, and transparent culture. We take responsibility for every commitment, promise, and action. We admit our mistakes and are always open to feedback.

We’re always our candid selves, and our comfortable workspace is one reason behind that.

We understand QED42 needs and aim to strike a balance. We aim to practice sustainable growth across all activities and share our learnings with the purpose of being mindful.

We are determined to get things done. We get to the core of a task and come up with solutions that will go beyond client expectations.


Imaginative – Challenging the status quo is an activity we thoroughly enjoy

We don’t like running in the rat race or walking the path chosen by many. We love breaking barriers. We have a vision and create our own path to reach that point, even if we don’t find any companions along the way.

We like to think outside the box and innovate for the possible future. We look beyond external stereotypes, taking an open-minded approach.

We don’t accept things the way they are. We evaluate and proof-check the imagined. We understand creativity-fostering strategies and take well-informed actions.

When we work, we are highly engrossed in our tasks and go out of our way to get things done. On the flip side, we have fun sincerely. Our parties and fun times are a serious affair for every team member.


Delightful – Sparking conversations and building a bond

Meaningful conversations form the crux of our team. We thrive on candid chats about technology, the economy, and the world. We embrace open-ended conversations and normalize talking about anxiety and mental well-being.

We have something similar with each member of the team. We share a unique bond. We harness the power of light moments, happy times, and doing absolutely nothing. We’re each other’s support systems and know that the others always got our back.



We’re still learning every day about the world, about each other, and about QED42. We’re discovering our identities. We’re shaping the culture with this set of six core values forming the foundation.

Ruchika Mohite