Our Services

A Full service open source company for web and mobile. We take your idea from design to deployment with focus on delightful experiences and best practices.



From idea to a stellar execution requires nurturing and refinement. Be it your complex enterprise workflow or your startup MVP, we've seen it all and would want you to be successful.



With ardent belief that Design is not how it looks but how it works, we have helped several companies build applications that offers delightful user experiences. 



We use open source frameworks like Drupal, MEAN and Ionic to deliver high quality, future proof web and mobile applications. 



Design is an inclusive process requiring collaboration of product owner, business analysist and developers. We analyze user needs and user behavior to come up with user personas and user stories. This gives us enough input to start prototyping and come up with first drafts of wireframes. The wireframes are then converted to high definition designs based on feedback from client and the product owner. 

We take a mobile first approach to Design and its implementation and all our deliveries include Responsive designs for the 3 major form factors -- Mobile, Laptop and tablet. We take a pixel to pixel design approach to our projects.

  • User Personas
  • Prototyping
  • UsABILITY Testing

Design process


Consultancy Approach


We provide both tech consultancy and MVP backlog preparation for new projects. Tech consultancy includes technical architecture, 3rd party integration feasibility study and analysis of technical risks. We use our expertise to come up with technical roadmap for the project. Minimum Viable Product (MVP) backlog preparation is another area where we work with our clients to plot user requests against a cost -> benefit graph and then selectively come at MVP that's quick to build and launch. 

For migration projects, we perform site audit where in we do a deep dive into build of existing application and prepare a report of the good, bad and the ugly and offer best practices approach for the fixes or migration. We have also done dev process consulting and workshops for other development teams. 

  • Site audit
  • mvp consulting
  • dev process consulting
  • technical architecture
  • feasibility study
  • 3rd party integrations

Development process

Our primary expertise lie in Drupal and JS frameworks where in we take on development, migration projects, we also offer Mobile application development for Android and iOS platforms. We try and employ latest and greatest of dev process best practices be it the toolchain or the code review process to deliver efficient and quality code.

Our project teams are agile and we follow scrum where-in our typical sprint duration is 2 weeks, our scrum is managed via JIRA (backlog, sprint planning and execution) and Confluence ( Sprint retrospective, daily standups, demo scripts). 

  • DRUPAL development
  • JS development [mean]
  • product development
  • open source integrations
Development process