Drupal 9 the easiest upgrade in a decade.

Drupal 9, the brand new major release of Drupal is unique and different from major releases of the past, as drupal.org aptly puts "Unlike previous new major versions, Drupal 9 is not a reinvention of Drupal". This we feel have far reaching business and developer ecosystem implications, primary being that Drupal users will have much easier upgrade paths from here on now and for the first time in recent history developer community do not have to deal with a steep learning curve that comes with a major release.

Thanks to Semantic Versioning, new features and new tech will start flowing in Drupal 9 from version 9.1 onwards, giving business and developers the advantage to spend less time on upgrades / upskill but to focus on delivering business value through Drupal.

drupal 9

A quick look at what’s new in Drupal 9

Drupal 9 offers improved stability and security with Symfony 4 and PHP 7.3
Drupal 9 will cut down on third-party dependencies
Drupal 9 drops support for all deprecated code in Drupal 8
Drupal 9 had moved to Twig 2.0
CKEditor 4 will stay in Drupal 9 and maybe deprecated later in Drupal 10.
Database version requirements will be increased for all supported database backends within Drupal 9.

Read more about recent feature inclusions in Drupal 9.

Drupal 9 Roadmap

Drupal 9 Roadmap
Drupal 9 Roadmap

We are here to help

Looking to upgrade your website to the latest Drupal versions or re-platforming? We’ve got you covered! Our comprehensive set of solutions and deep Drupal expertise helps reshape your website and identify if Drupal is the right fit for your business needs.


Drupal 7 user

With  D7 end of life in November 2020, and extended support till 2021. Now is the time to decide the course of action for your website to thrive with optimum performance and security. The most reliable way to prepare for Drupal 9 is to upgrade your site to Drupal 8!

Drupal.org walks you through the steps to move from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9.


Drupal 8 user

If you are a Drupal 8 user, it’s extremely easy for you to upgrade your website to Drupal 9! Hop on to this article for a preview of the breaking changes in D9. Follow these simple steps and upgrade to D9:

1. Install the upgrade status module

2. Update your contributed modules

3. Update your custom module code

4. Update Drupal core to Drupal 9

Read about our Drupal 9 upgrade story here.

New to Drupal

New to Drupal

Exploring a CMS with enterprise security and scalability?  From being a Content Management System for SMB / media sites to preferred digital experience platform for enterprises, Drupal is the most popular open-source CMS in the market. Learn more about our Drupal capabilities or reach out to us and discover what Drupal can do for your business. Talk to us

Keep your business updated with our team of Drupal Migration experts.

We are ready for Drupal 9

We are ready for Drupal 9
We are ready for Drupal 9

Drupal 9 for Developers

Make sure your hosting environment is compatible with the updated requirements of Drupal 9. Know More
Upgrade to the latest version of Drupal i.e Drupal 8.8 or Drupal 8.9
Ensure that your contributed modules are up-to-date
Eliminate deprecated APIs used in your custom code. Rector helps resolve the majority of these automatically.
Drupal-check a project created by Matt Glaman checks Drupal code for deprecations and discovers bugs via static analysis. All it requires is a Composer installed your Drupal 8 codebase in a local folder
Find the detailed documentation here.
Gabor's presentation State of Drupal

Drupal 9 for Site Owners 

With the advent of Drupal 9, you will never have to re-platform again! Drupal 9 is the easiest upgrade ever with a commitment to easy upgrades in the future. With cutting-edge new features and intuitive solutions, improve your digital experiences without worrying about future upgrades.

Explore more around what happens to Drupal 8 and 7, what's so great about Drupal 9 and what are the key tools involved, with Gabor’s opensource presentation on 'State of Drupal 9

A good theme is vital for building beautiful websites. A website should be not only attractive but also mobile responsive, accessible, and equipped to support new functionalities. Claro and the Olivero theme have revolutionized the look and feel of Drupal. 

d9 claro

Claro for Designers

Drupal’s former admin theme Seven was long outdated and needed a visual update.

Drupal was in dire need of a new Design System for the Drupal administration UI. Claro is a clean, accessible and powerful Drupal administration theme.

Modernizing the administration look and feel through a design system built from scratch for the Drupal administration UI. Read more about Claro

Olivero for Marketers

A new default front-end theme for Drupal with a modern look and feel. The new theme’s official overviews say “Drupal 9: The Most Beautiful CMS Ever!”

Olivero is a huge leap forward from the current default theme, Bartik (initially created for D7). Learn more about Olivero here.


Still, got questions? Here are some Drupal 9 FAQs

When should I upgrade to Drupal 9? 

Now is the right time to start preparing your website for Drupal 9. Begin with updating your core and contributed modules. Get rid of the deprecated code.

What is deprecated code? 

Code in Drupal is marked as "deprecated" when it should no longer be used.

How to identify if my site uses deprecated code?   

If you are a developer use drupal-check

If you are a site owner, install the upgrade status module

What about the contributed modules? 

Many contributed modules are now Drupal 9 ready, and more are being added to that list. If your installed modules use deprecated APIs, share your Upgrade Status report with the module maintainer or submit a patch on Drupal.org. 

What about the third-party dependencies? 

With the deprecated functionalities getting removed, there is approximately 12% reduction in code by upgrading to latest versions of the package. Won't require to deal with old deprecated dependencies.

How to prepare my site for a Drupal 9 upgrade?

Here’s a consolidated list of the system requirements, the new dependencies and some of the most commonly used APIs which are going to be removed in 9.0.0 Check here.

Making Legal Language Digitally Accessible - ILAO


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