6 MIN READ // Feb 14, 2020
Consider a small-mid size Drupal Project. Usually what happens is that once development is complete, sites (Drupal or Wordpress or any other framework) are left forgotten. This leaves the site vulnerable to attack, especially when a new Drupal security release is announced as it exposes the vulnerability publicly. It is good if a site is properly maintained & updated at regular intervals. But not at all recommended if left unattended. 
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4 MIN READ // Oct 27, 2016
One of the pain points in hybrid app development is data persistence & data storage. Though LocalStorage can be used for storing less critical data like cache, devs usually look at SQLite for consistent data storage backend. SQLite works fine for both the platforms (Android & iOS). In this post we discuss how to efficiently work with SQLite using a simple factory that can be used for doing simple operations on your SQLite Database.
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4 MIN READ // Oct 20, 2016
Android Permission Provisioning has changed recently, If an app is using Android SDK API level 22 or below, users are asked for all the permissions in bulk at the time of installation i.e. Without granting permission user can not install the app. Now with Android 6's security patch called Run Time Permission (API level 23 and above) the app while in use can request for specific permission when the need arise ( similar to iOS ) e.g. you will be asked for the location's permission when you actually try to access the location of the device.
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4 MIN READ // Sep 20, 2016
If you have been building Ionic / Cordova apps, you might have noticed your app breaking with public release of iOS 10 launched recently. Common symptom of apps suffering from this issue is that the app continues to work as expected on Android, uptill iOS 9 but doesn't launch / load on iOS 10. This is because of the newly introduced Content Security policy. Content Security policy is used to prevent cross-site scripting (XSS). It is now supported by all modern browsers.
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4 MIN READ // Mar 19, 2016
Google Maps are changing the way we see the world. Lets change the way we look at Google Maps. Google Maps are a perfect match when you are dealing with location based apps. In this article we will learn to integrate the Google Maps api and Google Places api in our Ionic App and look at the solution to long press issue that Ionic suffers from and how to resolve that.