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4 MIN READ // Sep 17, 2020
A tutorial for setting the mobile menu ( in Acquia Site Studio which was earlier known as Cohesion DX8. Converting the desktop horizontal dropdown menu to a Hamburger menu in mobile delivers the best UX for mobile users.  
6 Minutes // Aug 30, 2020
Scenarios and storyboards are techniques that help to connect dots from the idea, to identify how will the idea work in the real world. They create a bridge to explain the user experience in a real situation through text and visual representations.
6 Minutes // Aug 26, 2020
Ideas that work are not easy to come by and the one that works might not be able to solve all users' problems. Sometimes, we like an idea so much that it gets stuck in our mind and doesn't let more ideas come by. Even if the idea is great, letting go of that one idea for a while to create more ideas and more solutions is "The third phase of design thinking — Ideation".