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5 Minutes // Jul 29, 2020
Empathy is the first phase of the Design Thinking Process. It is the ability to understand people and see the world through people's eyes, and it is to step in people's shoes to feel what they feel. It is an intentional attempt to keep aside preconceived notions and uncover the real unspoken needs to truly resonate with the users.
3 min // Jun 2, 2020
Anything that creates actionable insights for the rest of the project to follow should take the lead. Creation, criticism, and inquiry are all integral parts of the Design Process and Design Research are really doing evidence-based design. The key strategy of research is to collaborate with the stakeholders and systematically bring in all research together to address common solutions.
8 MIN READ // Apr 23, 2020
The Design Process is designing with a systematic approach empowered with ideas. Deep understanding of the seven stages of the Design Process empowers to find solutions to most complex problems helping the designers as those who coordinate with the design teams. 
4 MIN READ // Feb 5, 2020

This is a typical chicken and egg situation, does anyone still know who came first?