6 MIN READ // Feb 14, 2020
Consider a small-mid size Drupal Project. Usually what happens is that once development is complete, sites (Drupal or Wordpress or any other framework) are left forgotten. This leaves the site vulnerable to attack, especially when a new Drupal security release is announced as it exposes the vulnerability publicly. It is good if a site is properly maintained & updated at regular intervals. But not at all recommended if left unattended. 
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5 MIN READ // Mar 18, 2019
One often wonders what lies at the root of creativity. How to keep your creative juices flowing and those gears running. When we are stuck at such place, mind blocked towards new ideas - the best solution might just be to put the pen and paper down, get up from that desk, and take a walk in the outside world. This is exactly what we did when scratching for new ideas for a recent project. Luckily the walk for us turned out to be a visit to the India Design Exhibition at Okhla.
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4 MIN READ // Apr 15, 2017
We started our Delhi operations in Nov 2015, though finding the place was a little difficult but we managed to find a nice quiet basement, armed with functional furniture and an internet connection, we got started. Though we liked our cozy new office, we soon realised that it had terrible cellular and internet network and after months of trying to get it fixed, trying different options we decided to move out, since then checking for signal strength and internet connectivity at a place has topped our list of checklist :).