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6 MIN READ // Feb 16, 2021
We are excited to have four Design interns join us last month, and would like to share their experiences with you - Unfiltered!
5 MIN READ // May 12, 2021
Learning and knowledge sharing is an integral part of our values at QED42. We invest in our team’s professional as well as personal growth. Our leaders believe in building an…
4 MIN READ // Feb 2, 2021
Saloni Sinha share’s her journey from being an interview candidate to being a part of our Design team.
5 Minutes // Jul 29, 2020
Empathy is the first phase of the Design Thinking Process. It is the ability to understand people and see the world through people's eyes, and it is to step in people's shoes to…
7 Minutes // Jul 25, 2020
To be a successful designer you have to work and develop both, hard and soft skills and create a positive work environment for your team members. A view that includes varied…
5 MIN READ // Apr 14, 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has paused life across most of the world. Amidst this chaos, QED42 emerges to be stronger than ever by working together and staying connected!