Blog Posts

4 MIN READ // Sep 17, 2020
A tutorial for setting the mobile menu ( in Acquia Site Studio which was earlier known as Cohesion DX8. Converting the desktop horizontal dropdown menu to a Hamburger menu in mobile delivers the best UX for mobile users.  
2 MIN READ // Sep 7, 2020
When designing GraphQL schema using the build schema function, we have to specify the scalar types for each value of the query. In this post, we’ll see how to use some custom scalar types in schema design.
2 MIN READ // Sep 2, 2020
Many factors contribute to the automation script execution performance. One of the most notorious ones is the ‘hard waits’ in step definitions. In this article, we will explore a custom function that will help you avoid 'hard waits'.
6 Minutes // Aug 30, 2020
Scenarios and storyboards are techniques that help to connect dots from the idea, to identify how will the idea work in the real world. They create a bridge to explain the user experience in a real situation through text and visual representations.
6 Minutes // Aug 26, 2020
Ideas that work are not easy to come by and the one that works might not be able to solve all users' problems. Sometimes, we like an idea so much that it gets stuck in our mind and doesn't let more ideas come by. Even if the idea is great, letting go of that one idea for a while to create more ideas and more solutions is "The third phase of design thinking — Ideation". 
2 MIN READ // Aug 24, 2020
Modern web applications use a lot of animations and media ranging from images, gif, videos, to SVG’s to make user experience elegant and engaging. If not handled properly, it can hamper your website’s performance, and these things might not work in your favour. To overcome this issue of over-fetching resources, we need to handle the media on our website more sincerely and display them only when necessary, the jargon for which is lazy loading.
7 Minutes // Aug 19, 2020
Well written blogs are a tool for creating a strong web and social media presence. They are written to increase visibility, create a brand image, and show specific areas of expertise to the identified audience.
5 Minutes // Aug 17, 2020
In a stakeholders interview a designer's part is to ask the right questions, listen, learn, adapt, and understand. A focused, detailed, and concise stakeholder interview is the key to getting started to foster commitment and gather knowledge about the website design project. It helps to make the right decisions, avoid end moment disappointments, and changes to create the right product.
6 MIN READ // Aug 11, 2020
After a basic outline about Acquia Cohesion DX8 now renamed as Site Studio in our previous blog, let’s dive into a few advanced features of Site Studio.
4 Minutes // Jul 31, 2020
As the second step in the design thinking process, the "define" phase is preceded by the empathize phase. The goal of this phase is to frame a meaningful, detailed, and actionable problem statement which leads to various solutions for Ideation, which is the third phase of design thinking.