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4 Minutes // Feb 25, 2021
Inclusive design shouldn't be a movement we have to make way for, it's always been a part of creating, innovating, and designing. Brands and businesses can use this as a powerful strategy and take a humanitarian approach to design which has the potential to go beyond niche to the mass market.
4 MIN READ // Feb 18, 2021
Without the necessary Drupal upgrades, your website will get rusty and creaky. Know more about the implications of stalling an upgrade.
32 Minutes // Feb 17, 2021
In this episode, we unpack the key elements behind design thinking and talk about conducting remote workshops and how successful they are in converting concepts into strategic…
6 MIN READ // Feb 16, 2021
We are excited to have four Design interns join us last month, and would like to share their experiences with you - Unfiltered!
6 MIN READ // Feb 16, 2021
JavaScript provides several ways of iterating over a collection, from simple 'for loops' to map() and filter(). Iterators and generators simplify code and save you from a lot of…
5 Minutes // Feb 13, 2021
Digital accessibility benefits everyone. Engaging and empowering people with disabilities has become more important than ever. Accessibility can address true users' needs, forge…
2 MIN READ // Feb 3, 2021
Complex animations should be implemented without compromising the fluidity and user experience of your website. In this blog, let's look at how to implement scroll based…
4 MIN READ // Feb 2, 2021
Saloni Sinha share’s her journey from being an interview candidate to being a part of our Design team.
7 MIN READ // Jan 20, 2021
React Navigation doesn’t provide customizations for navigation tabs out of the box. So, I created an open-source module 'react-native-custom-navigation-tabs'. It enables users to…
18 Minutes // Jan 15, 2021
"Being a product designer my work definitely fits inside those digital screens but every action is so much more related to those real-world emotions and what exactly user…