RADEGAST was one of the SAB projects where-in we took care of everything from design inception to delivery.

  • Role of QED42 was to bring to life this website amongst younger target audience outside of the core region
  • SABMiller wanted to update the site & use the CMS features, so that it is a lot easier for them to update on a regular basis
  • SABMiller wanted - “The new site should be exactly like the old one in terms of content (LIFT and SHIFT)” but we suggested - “The new site should be exactly like the old one in terms of content, with better UX (LIFT and SHIFT).” The suggestion was well received by SABMiller and we started re-designing the website to provide a better look and feel.
  • Post the design phase, we had a grooming sprint to freeze the website architecture
  • The project was run as Scrum and involved daily standup meetings, sprint planning, sprint demos, sprint retrospectives,sprint reviews and constant backlog grooming.

Technical Architecture for Radegast



  • Original Radegast website was built very long ago and hence the designs were not up-to-date/appealing
  • One of the main challenges of design process was to incorporate feedback of different stakeholders and not to deviate from brand guidelines.
  • After a few iterations, we helped come up with designs that everyone loved.
Radegast was a partially multilingual website and focussed majorly on events. So, the CMS was built to ease the process of events addition/updation as it was going to be a frequent activity for Content Managers.
The development phase was broken down into 4 Sprints in the very beginning and Sprint objectives were re-visited at the time of every Sprint Planning
Every Sprint received an acceptance from SABMiller and the next Sprint objectives were approved prior to beginning the Sprint.
Responsive build of the UI was challenging as the website contained map search at multiple places
A module, Stockist Locator, was built to aid the pub search on the website.
Another module, Age Gate, built by us for SABMiller in the same year - was used to Radegast as well
CMS training, split into 4 training catering to specific sections and the website on a whole - was provided to the content managers.