Drupal Modules / Projects

Implements site policies to log out users after certain time of inactivity. We have been involved in improvements and porting the module to Drupal 8.

Provides a button that allows to extract node content in an overlay which can be copied and republished on other sites. 

Time spent is a statistics module that tracks time spent on a page via JS and feeds into Drupal backend via AJAX, we have contributed to features and D8 port.

This module allows integration of a Soundslides project as a media (in files or WYSIWYG editor) in your Drupal website. We contributed in development and maintenance

Social Stats aggregates share count from various social networks for a node/article. The data could be used to filter/sort/display most viral content on your site.

Integration with freegeoip.net to geo lookup Drupal site visitors.

Enhances the webform module. Using the module, a form will only be submitted when the user clicks on the confirmation link sent in the email.

Provides a webform component that can reference a node/term/user in webform. It provides "Select List", "Autocomplete", "Checkbox" and "Radio" as widget.

jQuery carousel is based on the jquery plugin. It allows developers to create carousels using the data entered through the content types.

The Views Negate module provides a "Not Equal"  condition for textfield and list field in contextual filter. It works same as exclude option of numeric type field.

Quora does not provide API to fetch content. This module uses Google's Custom Search Engine (CSE) API to fetch questions/posts related to the content.

XPath Content Importer is in development stage. The module focuses on importing or extraction of data from external URL based on XPath query. Basically all the fields

Find out what search query was made to the search engine to find your site.

Contributed in porting Search Engine Referers from D6 to D7.

Fixed integration of module with other modules like Profile2, LoginToboggan.

Generates static HTML of node page, any drupal internal path or whole website using wget application.

Module makes it possible to send new random generated password by email instead of URL.

Contributed Media integration with WYSIWYG module. 

MEAN / JS projects

A crop package for MEAN.io that enables facebook style cropping for your images. Uses JWindowCrop on angular and saves the cropped image on server

Allows to add realtime comments with mentions on your models in MEAN.io. Uses ment.io for mentions and sockets for realtime updates.

We have been involved with MEAN.io core and have contributed to clean up and functionalities in core.