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Who are we looking for?

We are looking for individuals with:

  • Research aptitude
  • Understanding of the ecosystem they claim to have an experience with. 
  • Technology/language agnosticism, i.e. people  who can deconstruct a system in conceptual building blocks independent of implementation.

Candidates need to know what they will be doing during the internship and need to justify QED42’s time investment in them. If there is an idea you think relates to QED42’s vision then we would like to hear from you.

Eligibility to apply

We are looking for students who can spend 5-6 months at our Pune workplace from December to May. We feel grades in curriculum are not the right judge of ability and creativity, so there is no criteria on grades. Candidates need to have skill, time, and vision. During your internship here you would be spending 20 hours per week in the commercial interests of the company, trying to solve challenging problems, and the remaining time working on research problems.

How to apply

If you feel that our association will turn out to be a symbiotic relationship, apply with the following:

  • Your project idea which would contain an abstract, how you plan to attack it, what market applications the idea has and why you think QED42 is the right organization to mentor you.
  • A brief write up of what your skills are, what your experience with software is, and preferably 2 references from people you have worked with(could be a professor or a part time employer).
  • Your public profiles (linkedin, twitter, facebook, blog), if any.
  • Link to your favorite article on software, computing or technology.

Software skills of interest to us are:

  • Experience with web frameworks (Drupal, Django, RoR).
  • Languages you know.
  • Graphic designing and manipulation.
  • CSS, markup experience.

Knowledge of the above is not a must. If you have strong research vision and skills we would love to hear from you.